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Economic crisis

Protectionism: can it help us survive?

06 January 2009
The economic crisis that swept the globe in 2008 provoked debate about whether individual states or trade blocs could insulate themselves from the international turmoil through "protectionist" economic measures.

Fights, not concessions, can save workers’ jobs

15 December 2008
Unemployment in Britain was set to pass two million over the Christmas period. As the economic crisis bites, it brings more announcements of job losses and reasons for people to be fearful for their jobs.

Three steps to save jobs

02 December 2008
The threat of redundancy is hanging over the head of millions of workers as the economic slump deepens. Every day seems to bring new announcements of huge job losses at factories, shops and offices around the country.

Jobs slaughter continues as bosses slash production

02 December 2008
Signs that Britain faces the worst recession in more than 20 years were confirmed by a collapse in the value of the pound, a sharp drop in the value of shares, and reports of a dramatic drop in demand by British manufacturers.

Hoover campaigners say job losses suck

02 December 2008
Campaigners against the closure of the Hoover factory in Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales, are gearing up for a protest meeting planned for Wednesday of next week.

Trouble in China

02 December 2008
The dramatic fall in the US economy came as official unemployment rates in China were set to rise to 4.5 percent – the highest in a decade.

Merthyr Hoover workers: ‘We won’t let town die without a fight’

25 November 2008
"I worked at the Hoover plant for 18 years until 1980," says Huw. "It was good solid work. My whole family worked there – my father, uncle, two brothers and myself. There wasn’t a family round here that wasn’t connected to that place.

Time to bury the free market

25 November 2008
Gordon Brown’s pre-budget report this week has been heralded by the media as marking the end of three decades of Thatcherism.

Graham Turner on facing the economic deluge

25 November 2008
The tax cuts unveiled by chancellor Alistair Darling on Monday were cheered by the Labour Party faithful. But one only has to glance at the recent shocking turn of events in the US to see why these tax cuts will fail to rescue the economy.

Bretton Woods: Why economic history will not repeat itself

25 November 2008
In July 1944 the leaders of 44 Allied countries met in a small New Hampshire town called Bretton Woods to discuss how to run the global economy in the post-war world.

We can resist jobs massacre

11 November 2008
Workers in Britain are threatened by a mass cull of jobs on a scale not seen since the grim days of Margaret Thatcher’s 1980s Tory government.

How the recession is hitting workers across the globe

11 November 2008
Across the globe the scale of the economic crisis is becoming clearer every day as more job losses, factory closures and cutbacks are announced.

Growing fears of job losses haunt Welsh Valleys

11 November 2008
Rising job losses are again stalking one of the areas hardest hit in the recessions of the 1930s and 1980s.

Can world leaders find a way out of this crisis?

11 November 2008
Will increased public spending get us out of the recession?

Rich won’t pick up the bill for tax cuts

11 November 2008
Both the Labour government and the Tories are holding out the carrot of tax cuts, and promising these will be targeted at those most in need.

Detroit family resists home repossession attempts

04 November 2008
Demonstrators blocked the doorstep to stop the eviction of 72 year old Rubie Curl-Pinkins, a disabled woman who has lived in her Detroit home for 45 years.

Ban bonus payouts to bankers

04 November 2008
"This is an investment in the banking system that will eventually pay off," says chancellor Alistair Darling about New Labour’s bailout of the banks. And pay off it certainly will – to the enormous benefit of the bankers themselves.

Europe’s growing wave of resistance to the crisis

04 November 2008
Greece Greece is still in the grip of a growing strike wave in opposition to the right wing government’s attempts to pass the costs of the economic crisis onto working people.

Capitalism is bankrupt

28 October 2008
Until A few weeks ago, supporters of free market capitalism were confident enough to proclaim that their system was the only way that the world could be organised. Now their certainties have vanished.

Questions and answers on the developing crisis

28 October 2008
Can public spending solve the crisis? Many economists and politicians – Gordon Brown included – are calling for major public spending projects to stave off the worst effects of the recession. This is sometimes dubbed a "Keynesian" solution.

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