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Economic crisis

Why should we pay for their mess?

23 September 2008
The world financial system went into meltdown last week as the collapse of the housing bubble in the US and Britain brought down banks on both sides of the Atlantic.

Explaining the toxic crisis of capitalism - questions and answers

23 September 2008
Is this crisis over? Was it the result of a few rogue bankers? Is the world economy “fundamentally sound”? Could more regulation of financial markets stop this chaos? Or is this a crisis rooted in something more fundamental – the failure of the free market and capitalism itself?

Another Wall Street crash?

16 September 2008
The bankruptcy of the fourth largest investment bank in the US, Lehman Brothers, has triggered fears of a wider banking collapse.

Build the resistance to the bosses’ crisis

16 September 2008
"There will be no ‘glad confident morning’ for free market principles for a long time to come."

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