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Anger at bosses' collusion on immigration raid but migrant pay strike at Fawley wins

02 August 2016
Bosses hope discrimination will divide us, but a successful strike of migrant workers at Fawley refinery was an important victory, writes Dave Sewell

Detention centre death slammed by Home Office's own report

02 August 2016
A seriously ill 43 year old man died handcuffed to his hospital bed because immigration detention officers feared he would escape.

Protest demands Yarl's Wood detention centre is shut down

12 March 2016
Almost 2,000 people marched on Yarl's Wood detention centre in Bedfordshire today, Saturday, chanting "Shut it down!" Rejected asylum seekers, mostly women, are locked there for indefinite periods in prison-like conditions.

Asylum seekers' horror shows why we should march on Yarl's Wood

11 March 2016
Some 569 asylum seekers in Britain were forced to sleep in a disused freight shed in Dover between August and October last year. This included 90 children, who also had to sleep on the concrete floor with no bedding.

Protest set to demand an end to Yarl’s Wood shame

08 March 2016
Protesters from all over Britain are set to surround Yarl’s Wood detention centre in Bedfordshire this Saturday.

Afghan refugee speaks out as French cops raid Calais 'Jungle' camp

29 February 2016
The police are currently evicting people from the “Jungle” in Calais. They are going round telling people they have one hour to leave. So far this morning, Friday, they have destroyed five or six shelters.

Protests as refugees in Calais face new attack - all out for 19 March demos

23 February 2016
French courts were deciding whether to bulldoze the temporary homes of around 3,000 refugees in Calais as Socialist Worker went to press.

‘Tunnel walkers’ in Kent court but still no freedom

26 January 2016
Three refugees appeared before a judge at Canterbury Crown Court on Thursday of last week. They had evaded fences, razor wire and police at the Calais entrance to the Channel Tunnel and walked the 31 miles to Britain.

Migrants' winter misery caused by Tory policies as EU ministers move to close borders

08 December 2015
At the same time as bombing Syria, the government is making it harder for Syrians to escape.

Detained and deported - how the Tories really treat Syrian refugees

24 November 2015
As the first Syrians arrive in Britain, Dave Sewell uncovers the shocking truth of the numbers kicked out and detained by the British government

Hundreds protest against Yarl's Wood detention centre

08 November 2015

Death of 84 year old man is 'tragic indictment' of immigration detention system

03 November 2015
An ill 84 year old man travelling through Britain spent his last weeks being jailed, shackled and humiliated because of “Home Office procedure”, an inquest heard last week.

Australian government secretly removed pregnant refugee to Pacific island

20 October 2015
A pregnant Somali refugee was secretly flown back by the Australian government to the offshore detention centre where she was raped. 

Activists plan mass protest to shut down detention centre

20 October 2015
Campaigners are planning a mass protest against Yarl’s Wood detention centre on Saturday 7 November. The “Surround Yarl’s Wood—Shut it down!” protest was called by the Movement for Justice. 

Angry refugees lead a march in Calais and celebrate solidarity

20 October 2015
Refugees and anti-racist activists joined forces at Britain’s border in Calais last Saturday. 

Protests grow across Europe as governments clamp down

20 October 2015
More refugees died trying to enter Europe last week.

Anti-racist convoy unites with refugees in Calais

08 September 2015
A Stand Up To Racism convoy took solidarity and supplies to refugees in Calais last weekend.

Should we limit how many migrants are allowed in?

08 September 2015
Should we limit how many migrants are allowed in?

Determined refugees break down Macedonian borders

25 August 2015
Thousands of refugees forced open the border between Greece and Macedonia last Saturday. 

‘Four hours of fear’—refugees' deadly voyage to Greece

25 August 2015
Refugees are arriving every night on the Greek island Samos. Most are from Syria, others are from Iraq and Afghanistan. And for the first time last week I met Yemeni refugees. 

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