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Immigration Detention

Hundreds protest against Yarl's Wood detention centre

08 November 2015

Death of 84 year old man is 'tragic indictment' of immigration detention system

03 November 2015
An ill 84 year old man travelling through Britain spent his last weeks being jailed, shackled and humiliated because of “Home Office procedure”, an inquest heard last week.

Angry refugees lead a march in Calais and celebrate solidarity

20 October 2015
Refugees and anti-racist activists joined forces at Britain’s border in Calais last Saturday. 

Protests grow across Europe as governments clamp down

20 October 2015
More refugees died trying to enter Europe last week.

Australian government secretly removed pregnant refugee to Pacific island

20 October 2015
A pregnant Somali refugee was secretly flown back by the Australian government to the offshore detention centre where she was raped. 

Activists plan mass protest to shut down detention centre

20 October 2015
Campaigners are planning a mass protest against Yarl’s Wood detention centre on Saturday 7 November. The “Surround Yarl’s Wood—Shut it down!” protest was called by the Movement for Justice. 

Anti-racist convoy unites with refugees in Calais

08 September 2015
A Stand Up To Racism convoy took solidarity and supplies to refugees in Calais last weekend.

Should we limit how many migrants are allowed in?

08 September 2015
Should we limit how many migrants are allowed in?

Determined refugees break down Macedonian borders

25 August 2015
Thousands of refugees forced open the border between Greece and Macedonia last Saturday. 

‘Four hours of fear’—refugees' deadly voyage to Greece

25 August 2015
Refugees are arriving every night on the Greek island Samos. Most are from Syria, others are from Iraq and Afghanistan. And for the first time last week I met Yemeni refugees. 

Report slams Yarl’s Wood detention centre

18 August 2015
Yarl’s Wood immigration detention centre is a “place of national concern”, according to a new report by chief inspector of prisons Nick Howard. 

No safe haven—how desperate refugees fleeing conflicts are turned away

11 August 2015
A series of bloody conflicts right across the world lie at the roots of the current refugee crisis.

Calais crisis caused by clampdown on migrants

28 July 2015
A teenage boy’s body was found on the roof of a Eurotunnel train at the Channel Tunnel terminal in Folkestone, Kent, on Friday of last week.

Europe's hidden shame - a system to criminalise refugees

16 June 2015
The European Union’s leaders go to shocking lengths to get refugees out of sight, out of mind and out of Europe, migrants and activists told Dave Sewell and Ken Olende

Hundreds protest to say, 'Shut down Yarl's Wood'

09 June 2015
Sections of the outer fence of Yarl’s Wood immigration detention centre were torn down last Saturday, as some 700 people protested outside to demand its closure.

Hundreds of protesters demand closure of Yarl's Wood refugee prison

06 June 2015
Sections of the outer fence of Yarl’s Wood immigration detention centre were torn down today, Saturday, as some 700 people protested outside to demand its closure.

Solidarity demonstration for detainees at Dungavel

02 June 2015
Up to 400 people joined a demonstration outside Dungavel detention centre in Scotland last Saturday. The protest was called by the Scottish TUC (STUC).

Protests in solidarity with migrants slam a deadly, racist system

28 April 2015
Protesters gathered across Europe in solidarity with migrants last week. In London hundreds protested outside European Union (EU) commission near parliament in central London last Saturday.

Protest at Harmondsworth demands closure of all detention centres

14 April 2015
Over 200 demonstrators gathered outside Harmondsworth Immigration Detention Centre, near Heathrow airport last Saturday to demand the closure of all detention centres

Verne detention protester who spoke out put in segregation

07 April 2015
A detainee who took part in protests at the Verne immigration detention centre in Dorset last month is being held in segregation.

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