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Struggle, not football shirts, can win the working class

Struggle, not football shirts, can win the working class Some think that appealing rightwards is the way to win over working class people. Simon Basketter says ‘left populism’ is a dead end

Smash Tory racists—and their nationalism

Smash Tory racists—and their nationalism Vile hypocrisy. That’s the only possible verdict as the Tories and sections of the right wing press claimed to be anti-racists this week

Flagging up a problem

Flagging up a problem Remember when the left was against nationalism and flags?

Letters—Johnson plays a dangerous game with our health

Letters—Johnson plays a dangerous game with our health The government is putting profit before health—again. This time it’s to prioritise football matches.

Letters—Why sexual harassment of young women is normalised

Letters—Why sexual harassment of young women is normalised I wasn’t surprised by the latest report describing the scale of sexual harassment faced by young women. No young woman would have been.

Show the red card to Johnson’s racism

Show the red card to Johnson’s racism Football fans booing England players taking the knee last week is an issue that goes further than sport. It shows how racism is structured and used by the elite.

Letters—Protests against football bosses show contradictions

11 May 2021
To see thousands of football fans on the streets opposing the way the billionaire owners had planned to rig the game and stop the European Super League has been brilliant.

Nazi cop jailed under terror law

04 May 2021
A British police officer has been jailed for four years and four months for being a neo‑Nazi.

LETTERS - Football fans deserve better than the ‘German’ model

26 April 2021
The European Super League (ESL) scandal has shown how capitalism affects every aspect of our lives.

Sport and the system—whose game are we playing?

23 April 2021
Sport offers relief and a sense of collective identity denied to us by capitalism—but bosses also use it to make profits and divide us. Sam Ord explores the contradictions

European Super League stitch-up shows football run for profit, not fans

19 April 2021
The move towards a European Super League is motivated by profit following a year of lockdown restrictions that have strangled some of the club’s income

Sheldon review into child sex abuse in football finds ‘institutional failings’

18 March 2021
A lack of safeguarding in football allowed perpetrators of sexual abuse “to hide and use their positions to ruin the lives of many children”.

LETTERS—Anti-trans court ruling is an attack on autonomy for all

15 December 2020
A high Court judicial review earlier this month outlawed the use of puberty blockers for young trans people unless they can persuade doctors to go to court on their behalf.

Don’t let the Tories define anti-racism

08 December 2020
In the wake of George Floyd’s killing, Black Lives Matter (BLM) made great advances in the struggle against racism, and what it means to be an anti-racist.

Letters : We made silence political 

01 May 2020
In Oxfordshire we wanted to make sure that last week’s Workers’ Memorial Day action to remember health and care staff was more than a silent protest.

Cop charged with murder over the death of former footballer Dalian Atkinson

07 November 2019
A police officer has been charged with the murder of black footballer Dalian Atkinson.

LETTERS - The racism in football is not only about Bulgarian Nazis

22 October 2019
The racist behaviour by Bulgarian fans against black English footballers was disgusting.

Organise against the FLA and DFLA protests to push back the racists

10 April 2018
The Democratic Football Lads Alliance (DFLA) is trying to whip up racism against Muslims in Rochdale. 

Letters - How fans in Scotland threw football act into the dustbin

27 March 2018

Far right threat as Football Lads Alliance plans to march in Birmingham

20 March 2018
Anti-racists will take to the streets to oppose a planned march by the racist Football Lads Alliance (FLA) in Birmingham on Saturday.

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