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Chaos as Tories panic over fuel crisis

Chaos as Tories panic over fuel crisis Queues and goods shortages are the result of an unplanned unprepared economy writes, Charlie Kimber

Migrants, shortages and wages

Migrants, shortages and wages Some on the left say reduced numbers of migrant workers led pay to rise. Charlie Kimber argues the real cause of low wages and terrible conditions has been the failure of unions to fight for better

‘It’s time we started fighting back’, say outsourced cleaners

‘It’s time we started fighting back’, say outsourced cleaners “We believe in doing right by our people, our customers, our society and our planet. We embrace our responsibility to deliver the best possible outcomes by making people happier in their environments."

Border crossings, asylum and migration—the truth behind the headlines

Border crossings, asylum and migration—the truth behind the headlines The Tories are stepping up their attacks on people who cross the Channel to seek safety of a better life. Some 8,461 migrants made the crossing in 2020—a figure that has already been reached this year.

NHS workers speak out—Tory Harding wants racist health service

NHS workers speak out—Tory Harding wants racist health service How dare Dido Harding, the would-be boss of the NHS, attack tens of thousands of “foreign” health workers working in Britain?

British workers don’t benefit from less immigration

British workers don’t benefit from less immigration As the pandemic forced many migrant workers to return to their home countries, Socialist Worker asks if British workers have benefited.

Tories push racist myths to divide—open borders for all

01 June 2021
The deadline for European Union citizens to apply for the EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS) on 31 June is drawing steadily nearer.

Vile queen’s speech sets out Tories’ vicious agenda

11 May 2021
The Queen’s Speech read in parliament on Tuesday unveiled the Tories’ plans for future attacks.

Workers won’t benefit if Covid and racism drive out migrants

01 March 2021
Reports have found that large numbers of migrants are leaving Britain. It’s all caused by the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic—and a punishing immigration system, argues Sam Ord

Don’t back Tory Brexit deal—or line up with the European Union

29 December 2020
Tory claims about an approaching glorious future after the trade deal with the European Union are nonsense.  

Police ramp up repression as tens of thousands join protests in France

06 December 2020
Around 100,000 people joined 90 demonstrations across France on Saturday against the government’s repressive global security law.

Tories cannot be trusted with Covid-19 vaccines

16 November 2020
The government’s repeated Covid-19 failures ¬undermine efforts to contain it—and mean we should not trust the Tories with the hopes for a new vaccine.

Tories’ racist immigration rules will punish migrant workers

26 October 2020
The Tories have pushed through legal changes to make Britain’s immigration system even more racist.

Deported under new regime for being a rough sleeper

26 October 2020
Rough sleepers in Britain who have come from other countries face deportation under new immigration laws. These will be introduced when the Brexit transition period ends.

NHS charges delay vital treatments

19 October 2020
Migrants denied NHS services under racist immigration rules had to wait an average of 37 weeks for treatment, according to a damning new report.

‘It’s like they don’t think we are human’ – US farm workers’ fury over attacks

09 October 2020
The US government is helping farm bosses to cut their workers’ wages in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

Doctors reveal systematic failure to deal with Covid-19 in workplaces

06 September 2020
A group of doctors is arguing that workplaces are now the frontline in the battle against Covid-19—and hazardous working conditions are responsible for mass outbreaks.

Tories’ racist migrant plan is a death sentence for refugees

10 August 2020
The government is using racist scapegoating against desperate refugees trying to cross the English Channel and reach safety.

Migrants locked up in Russia stage mass hunger strike

22 July 2020
Socialists in Russia report on a hunger strike and sit-in by migrants trapped in Russia's detention system

Pressure on over holidays and respect at Royal Parks

16 June 2020
Around 20 of London’s Royal Park attendants who are outsourced to multinational company Vinci appeared in court this week.

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