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The Tories are in chaos —kick them out now

The Tories are in chaos —kick them out now Boris Johnson and the Tories face a political crisis on many fronts.

Tory plans mean migrants will die in Channel

Tory plans mean migrants will die in Channel Home secretary Priti Patel wants to whip up a sense of “crisis” over refugees

Cricket—born from racism and imperialism

Cricket—born from racism and imperialism Late on 26 February 1956 Donald Carr and six of his cricket team-mates put on masks, slipped into the Services Hotel in Peshawar and gagged the Pakistani umpire, Idris Bai.

More than just Yorkshire cricket—racism beyond the boundary

More than just Yorkshire cricket—racism beyond the boundary Cricketer Azeem Rafiq sharing his harrowing experiences of racism at Yorkshire County Cricket Club has helped unmask institutional racism both within the sport, and wider society.

The ‘anti-woke’ university will provide a safe haven for bigots

The ‘anti-woke’ university will provide a safe haven for bigots A new US university is building a faculty of bigots

Letters—Abandoning restrictions in hospitals will be deadly

Letters—Abandoning restrictions in hospitals will be deadly The Tories are now unleashing the “herd immunity” strategy they always wanted as a way of dealing with Covid.

Now is definitely the best time for James Bond to die

05 October 2021
With the release of the latest film in the James Bond franchise, No Time to Die, Simon Basketter argues that it’s high time we see the sexist spy, and the film series’ reactionary politics, bite the dust

School exclusions hit Traveller and black students

26 September 2021
 Exclusions are a product of a broken education system obsessed with exams and directed towards a single model of 'success'

Smash the vile Tories’ reign and their grubby system

14 September 2021
The Tories’ class war has escalated further, and it isn’t set to slow down. This week Tory Work and Pension Secretary Therese Coffey unveiled her solution to the scrapping of the Universal Credit £20 uplift.

The climate crisis fuels hurricanes

30 August 2021
Hurricane Ida has ­spread panic across the US Gulf Coast as 150 mile an hour winds and torrential rains lashed the state of Louisiana.

Up in flames—ten years after the 2011 riots

03 August 2021
Austerity and police racism is an explosive mix

What’s behind the right’s war on Critical Race Theory?

03 August 2021
Why is a low level war raging in the US on the subject of Critical Race Theory?

Dorset rally targets Tory’s family’s slave trade past

20 July 2021
Around 350 anti-racists joined a lively and noisy rally on Saturday organised by Stand Up To Racism Dorset to demand slavery justice from Tory MP Richard Grosvenor Plunkett-Ernle-Erle-Drax.

Anger out of fear—the New Cross Fire remembered

19 July 2021
A documentary by director Steve McQueen remembers the black-led revolts of 1981—beginning with rage at the New Cross fire

Smash Tory racists—and their nationalism

13 July 2021
Vile hypocrisy. That’s the only possible verdict as the Tories and sections of the right wing press claimed to be anti-racists this week

Resist racist Tory rules

29 June 2021
EU citizens and refugees are feeling the sharp impact of the Tories’ racist immigration clampdown. This Wednesday was the deadline for EU citizens to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme, which protects rights such as employment and healthcare in Britain.

Travellers organise resistance to Tory police bill

29 June 2021
Gypsy, Roma and Traveller campaigners from across Britain are uniting in a grassroots-led campaign.

Anti-racism isn’t to blame for Tory education failures

22 June 2021
The Tories have discovered the terrible injustices faced by working class children. And they are very angry about them. Or at least they are pretending to be, to fuel a different agenda.

GB News is a joke, but the left can’t sit back and laugh

18 June 2021
Seeking to emulate ‘shock jock’ TV channels in the US, GB News launched last week hoping to find an audience on the angry right. Sophie Squire explains

More black women are pushed into zero hours

15 June 2021
Black and minority ethnic (BAME) women are almost twice as likely to be on zero hours contracts than white men, and one and a half times more likely than white women.

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