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Damning report exposes racist school discipline measures

03 October 2020
An Institute of Race Relations report published last week showed how school sets up poorer black boys in particular for a life of exclusion.

The crimes of Captain Kimber

13 September 2020
In 1791 an atrocity so hideous occurred on a slave ship in the Atlantic that its captain was brought to a British court. The verdict was a damning indictment of both the ruling class and the way it got its riches

Cruel Britannia—the bloody truth about the British Empire

29 August 2020
Isabel Ringrose tells the terrible truth about the British Empire that Boris Johnson expects us to salute

Hundreds demand justice for victims of police brutality in north London

09 August 2020
Over 700 people gathered in Tottenham, north London, to protest against police brutality on Saturday.

Black coronavirus rates result of social and economic factors, not biology

06 August 2020
Early in Britain’s Covid-19 crisis, when figures revealed that black people were dying at a disproportional rate, right wingers rushed to explain this as a biological trait. It was proof, they said, of inherent racial differences.

Reports expose racism in police and schools

03 August 2020
Cops are more likely to use force against black people, and schools are more likely to exclude them

Racist legacy to blame for Blackburn Covid-19 spike

18 July 2020
A sharp increase in coronavirus cases has taken Blackburn back to the brink of lockdown, and some have a racist solution.

Cops reflect racism from the top of society

10 July 2020
The police are to face a review into allegations of racial profiling. They must be found guilty

Stop and search shows reality of cops’ racism

06 July 2020
Accounts from those unfairly targeted by police reveal widespread racism

Anti-racist rage boils over in protests across the US

23 June 2020
Protests are continuing to rage across the US over the racist murder of George Floyd by police officer Derek Chauvin a month ago. 

Anti-racist rebellion grows in Britain

15 June 2020
Thousands of people across Britain joined another wave of Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests over the weekend. Socialist Worker reports

The revolt runs deep—take it to its most radical conclusions

08 June 2020
The power is in the streets. It’s not enough to write to your congressman or circulate a petition anymore

System is shaken by a storm of anti-racism

08 June 2020
The Black Lives Matter ­movement has sparked a wave of mass protests in countries across the world.

Protesters defy state repression to ensure Black Lives message is heard

08 June 2020
Many of the international solidarity protests took aim at police racism and violence in their own countries—and many defied state repression and bans.

Britain’s not innocent—a history of racist cops

06 June 2020
When David Oluwale drowned in the River Aire in Leeds in 1969, police wrote “Wog” on the nationality section of his death certificate. His killing was the first black death by cops in Britain—and shows that police racism, violence and cover-up are a very British problem.

This militant movement shows we can fight back

02 June 2020
An inspirational movement against police violence has taken on our rulers and terrified them. 

‘My son was murdered’—two decades of racist killings

02 June 2020
 A revolt is exploding over George Floyd’s racist murder at the hands of the cops. Socialist Worker looks at a horrific history of killings in the United States—and the inspiring resistance to them

Still no justice for Windrush scandal victims as compensation goes unpaid

01 June 2020
Only 60 people who applied for the Windrush Compensation Scheme have received any money, according to official figures

Rebellion against police murder tears through United States

30 May 2020
A rebellion against police brutality and institutional racism is gaining momentum as it roars across the United States. It is driven by anger at a system filled by inequality and racism.

Black and Asian nurses struggle to get vital protective kit

29 May 2020
A shocking new report says that black and minority ethnic (BME) nurses find it harder to get Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) than their white colleagues.

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