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Deaths in Custody

Tens of thousands across Britain join Black Lives Matter protests

06 June 2020
Tens of thousands of people joined Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests across Britain on Saturday.

Britain’s not innocent—a history of racist cops

06 June 2020
When David Oluwale drowned in the River Aire in Leeds in 1969, police wrote “Wog” on the nationality section of his death certificate. His killing was the first black death by cops in Britain—and shows that police racism, violence and cover-up are a very British problem.

This militant movement shows we can fight back

02 June 2020
An inspirational movement against police violence has taken on our rulers and terrified them. 

‘We can’t wait—we need to fight now’ say Black Lives Matter protesters in London

31 May 2020
The movement against police brutality burst onto the streets of Britain on Sunday, as at least 5,000 people marched through central London declaring that Black Lives Matter.

‘People want justice, it feels like a revolution is coming’

31 May 2020
Tanner Herndon was one of a group of people who blocked a freeway in Houston on Saturday during a protest after the killing of George Floyd. He told Socialist Worker what happened.

Rebellion against police murder tears through United States

30 May 2020
A rebellion against police brutality and institutional racism is gaining momentum as it roars across the United States. It is driven by anger at a system filled by inequality and racism.

Anthony Grainger killing: ‘words will never be enough to save lives’

20 May 2020
The government claims that lessons have been learned almost a year after an inquiry said police were to blame for the killing of Anthony Grainger. But the police responsbile are still not facing trial.

Cops go free after black man dies

25 February 2020
The family of a black man who died in police custody is “devastated and outraged” that five police officers will not face disciplinary action.

Cop charged with murder over the death of former footballer Dalian Atkinson

07 November 2019
A police officer has been charged with the murder of black footballer Dalian Atkinson.

‘Arrogant’ and ‘secretive’ police force to blame for death of Anthony Grainger, says judge

11 July 2019
Incompetent and lying police were entirely responsible for the death of Anthony Grainger in 2012

Serco under fire for death in custody and fraud

04 July 2019
Two cases this week have exposed the fatal practices and profiteering at the heart of the criminal justice system.

Police ‘contributed’ to the death of Darren Cumberbatch

26 June 2019
Darren Cumberbatch died in hospital in July 2017, nine days after being punched, stamped on, Tasered and hit with a baton by cops.

A tale of love and last meals bridges the divide in the US

14 May 2019
Campaigners on either side of the death row protest movement find love despite big political differences and in difficult circumstances, writes?Toni Bruce

Inquest into the death of Edson Da Costa begins

07 May 2019
An inquest into the death of Edson Da Costa began on Tuesday of this week. Edson died after being stopped by police in Beckton, east London, in June 2017.

Birmingham march demands justice for Kingsley Burrell

31 March 2019
“Who killed Kingsley Burrell? The police killed Kingsley Burrell!” rang out through the streets of Birmingham on Saturday.

Burrell family want police held to account

22 March 2019
Kedisha Brown-Burrell is demanding that the “police are held to account” on the 8th anniversary of her brother’s death.

Police officers cleared of misconduct over death of Sean Rigg

26 February 2019
Marcia Rigg, sister of Sean Rigg, said the result provided police with a 'licence to kill', as she vowed to continue to fight for justice.

The Troublemaker - Cops have secret plot against Kingsley Burrell campaign

08 January 2019
Cops are organising in secret against the campaign for Justice for Kingsley Burrell.

Police officer guilty of gross misconduct in Kingsley Burrell case

20 December 2018
Kingsley died on 31 March 2011. He was restrained by police at a mental health unit and beaten severely while he had a towel placed over his face.

Solidarity with family of Sheku Bayoh in Glasgow

27 November 2018
The family of Sheku Bayoh led a 2,000-strong St Andrew’s Day march against racism in Glasgow

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