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Jeremy Corbyn

GMB’s move against Corbyn warns us that union leaders can be fair weather friends

11 August 2016
The GMB union’s decision yesterday, Wednesday, to back Owen Smith in the Labour Party leadership election is a significant blow to Jeremy Corbyn.

Corbyn—we’ll win by offering an alternative

09 August 2016
An obsession with ‘credibility’ goes to the heart of the divisions in the Labour Party, writes Nick Clark

Stand with Corbyn - not Smith or Jones

09 August 2016
As the Labour leadership contest hots up, Alex Callinicos looks at the roots of the conflict gripping the Labour Party and explains why it matters that Jeremy Corbyn wins

Labour hustings in Cardiff - Corbyn looks to anti-austerity to win debate, and election

05 August 2016
Labour’s two big obsessions—electability and party unity—were the big themes of its first leadership hustings in Cardiff last night, Thursday.

Labour right has no clue on beating the Tories

02 August 2016
Jeremy Corbyn’s critics inside the Labour Party have perfected missing the point.

As thousands rally for Corbyn—who says we can't beat the Tories?

02 August 2016
Up to 10,000 people joined a rally in support of Jeremy Corbyn in Liverpool on Monday night. It was another sign of the growing support behind his campaign to be re-elected leader of the Labour Party.

Corbyn's surging leadership election campaign leaves Smith floundering

31 July 2016
Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign to be reelected leader of the Labour Party gained momentum this weekend as thousands marched and rallied in the north of England.

Owen Smith puts on left face to launch his Labour leadership challenge

27 July 2016
Owen Smith, who is challenging Jeremy Corbyn for the Labour leadership, officially launched his campaign today, Wednesday. He made a concerted effort to present himself as a left winger.

Don't compromise with the Labour right

26 July 2016
The leader of the Labour Party called on his supporters last week to join him in building a “social movement” that can force change through parliament.

As MPs organise against Jeremy Corbyn - the Labour right can be beaten

26 July 2016
Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign to be re-elected leader of the Labour Party kicked off with two big rallies last week.

The useless Labour right is flailing into a slow-motion split

26 July 2016
The Labour right are a puzzle. How come they are simultaneously so venomous towards Jeremy Corbyn and, as John McDonnell famously put it, so “useless”?

Corbyn in Manchester: 'Politics is changing'

23 July 2016
The first mass rally of Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign to be re-elected as Labour Party leader took place in Salford today, Saturday.

Jeremy Corbyn tells rally 'This is about the kind of world we want to live in'

21 July 2016
Jeremy Corbyn made a surprise appearance at a central London rally on Wednesday ahead of his leadership election campaign launch.

Dirty tricks from the Labour right leave members 'disgusted'

19 July 2016
Members of the Labour Party have spoken out against attempts to shut down party democracy in the run-up to a new leadership election.

Unite union backs reselection to make MPs accountable

15 July 2016
The Unite trade union has voted for Labour MPs to face mandatory reselection. This means they would be more accountable.

Tweedledum and Tweedledee - the Labour challengers gunning for Jeremy Corbyn

15 July 2016
A fresh leadership election has been officially launched in the Labour Party. Nick Clark profiles the plotters who want to oust Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn receives a hero's welcome at Unite union conference

13 July 2016
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn received a hero's welcome at the Unite union's conference in Brighton today, Wednesday.

Jeremy Corbyn on ballot for Labour leader - now build the fight against the Tories

12 July 2016
Labour’s national executive committee has voted by 18 votes to 14 tonight, Tuesday, that Jeremy Corbyn will automatically be on the ballot paper for the Labour leadership election.

Defend Jeremy Corbyn from the right wing in the Labour Party

12 July 2016
The Labour leadership crisis has brought the deep divisions in the party out into the open—and they’re pushing it to breaking point.

Unite union delegates back Jeremy Corbyn

12 July 2016
Delegates at the Unite union conference this week were furious at moves against Jeremy Corbyn—and wanted the union to take a stand.

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