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Jeremy Corbyn

Defend Jeremy Corbyn from the right wing in the Labour Party

12 July 2016
The Labour leadership crisis has brought the deep divisions in the party out into the open—and they’re pushing it to breaking point.

Corbyn's peace offer won’t stop Labour MPs conspiring against him

05 July 2016
Jeremy Corbyn is under pressure to compromise with the right—but that can’t save him, argues Nick Clark

Thousands rally for Jeremy Corbyn as Labour MPs try and force him out

02 July 2016
Thousands of people have rallied in Manchester and Liverpool in support of left wing Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Defiant Corbyn fights on

29 June 2016
Hundreds of people rallied outside Soas university in central London this evening, Wednesday, in support of left wing Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Thousands demonstrate to support Corbyn

28 June 2016
Several thousand people rallied outside parliament this evening, Monday, in defence of left wing Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn. Hundreds more joined similar rallies in Newcastle and Manchester to defend Corbyn against moves by Labour MPs to get rid of him.

Fight to stop the Labour right’s scheme to oust Jeremy Corbyn

28 June 2016
As Labour MPs line up to overturn their leader, Nick Clark argues that the left must mobilise to defeat them

Mobilise as Labour right tries to remove Corbyn

26 June 2016
Jeremy Corbyn’s opponents in the Labour Party are trying to force him out, despite his overwhelming support among Labour members.

By backing the EU, Corbyn only helps his enemies

07 June 2016
Labour leader’s speech threw away a chance to reshape the referendum, reports Tomáš Tengely-Evans

Corbyn and McDonnell challenge the Labour right

14 May 2016
Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn and shadow chancellor John McDonnell have hit back against their critics from the right of the party.

Labour witch hunt has a dual purpose

03 May 2016
What's driving the Labour right’s assault on Jeremy Corbyn over antisemitism—sheer opportunism or ideology? Certainly the former. Even BBC Radio 4’s Today programme briefly took time off from feeding the frenzy over Ken Livingstone’s remarks to concede that “Livingstone is a proxy for Corbyn”.

Is the left to blame for antisemitism ?

26 April 2016
The ruling class is desperate to undermine Jeremy Corbyn and the broader left. Nick Clark looks at the real agenda of right wingers who have accused anti-racists of antisemitism


30 March 2016
Socialist Worker readers write in on Iain Duncan Smith's resignation, Tory plans for academisation, international war crimes, the German elections, and more

Jeremy Corbyn and Labour at the NUT teachers' union conference

30 March 2016
Labour leader Corbyn won wide support from the NUT conference delegates

‘Jeremy Corbyn gives us hope to fight,’ says Bfawu union leader Ian Hodson

22 March 2016
What did Jeremy Corbyn’s election mean for the left and trade unionists?

Good polls for Corbyn are a blow to Labour right wingers

22 March 2016
A poll last week put the Labour Party ahead of the Tories for the first time since Jeremy Corbyn was elected leader.

Labour's right is learning from the last civil war

22 March 2016
As the Labour left fights to defend leader Jeremy Corbyn, Nick Clark argues that the early 1980s show how focusing on internal party battles ends in giving way to the right

Benefit slasher Duncan Smith resigns. Time to fight as Tories fall apart

18 March 2016
THE TORIES are in tatters. Tonight, Friday, Iain Duncan Smith resigned from the cabinet.

Tories are organised—we need to be too

15 March 2016
Thousands of people are furious at our rulers—from their treatment of refugees to the cuts that devastate lives while they bask in luxury.

A big welcome in the Valleys for Jeremy Corbyn

08 March 2016
Over 1,000 Labour members and supporters heard Jeremy Corbyn speak in Aberdare, South Wales, last Saturday. It was the biggest political meeting in the Valleys for decades, and a real tonic.

Thousand rally for Jeremy Corbyn in South Wales

05 March 2016
Over 1,000 Labour Party members and supporters came to hear Jeremy Corbyn speak in Aberdare in South Wales today, Saturday. It was the biggest political meeting in the Valleys for a generation. 

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