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Labour MPs lay into left, but voters back Corbyn

15 December 2015
Labour left group Momentum came under sustained attack by “moderates” and right wingers in the party last week.

Blairites back war in Syria to take aim at Jeremy Corbyn

01 December 2015
The drama over whether Britain should join the bombing campaign in Syria irresistibly recalls the feverish climate in February and March 2003, in the lead-up to the Anglo-American assault on Iraq.

Jeremy Corbyn is in retreat as the Labour right goes to war

01 December 2015
Letting MPs follow their ‘conscience’ needlessly hands the warmongers a victory at the expense of Syria—and of Jeremy Corbyn, writes Nick Clark

Firefighters are better off outside Labour - and fighting for themselves

24 November 2015
The firefighters’ FBU union was set to meet on Friday of this week for a recall conference in Blackpool. Delegates were set to vote on whether or not to

Attack Tories not Corbyn, Unison union left challenger John Burgess hits out

24 November 2015
John burgess, the left candidate for Unison union general secretary, has criticised incumbent Dave Prentis’ “thinly veiled attack” on Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Corbyn's concessions will weaken the whole left

24 November 2015
The Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn is experiencing very powerful forces of attraction and repulsion.

Right wing Labour MPs undermine Jeremy Corbyn's leadership - but members back him

24 November 2015
Labour members support their left wing leader—but the right is on the offensive again, warns?Nick Clark

Labour right go on attack over Trident

10 November 2015
The row inside the Labour Party over Trident nuclear weapons continued after the head of the army criticised Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s anti-nuclear position.

Momentum builds for Jeremy Corbyn

13 October 2015
Supporters of Jeremy Corbyn have launched a new initiative to galvanise the enthusiasm generated during his leadership campaign.

Thousands join Jeremy Corbyn rally in Manchester as anti-Tory protests continue

06 October 2015
A week of resistance to the Tories is continuing in Manchester.

Corbyn's conference speech enthuses delegates as a 'real source for change'

29 September 2015
Jeremy Corbyn used his first conference speech as Labour Leader to promise the kind of change in society that his supporters want to see.

Labour Party conference: left hopeful for change but Corbyn faces huge challenges

29 September 2015
Nick Clark finds a mood of optimism at Labour conference in Brighton. But the right set out to undermine Corbyn

Students inspired by Jeremy Corbyn say something must change

29 September 2015
Students have been affected by the election of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader and the atmosphere of hope it has created. 

Labour MPs plot to push Jeremy Corbyn into compromise

22 September 2015
Jeremy Corbyn faced mutiny from the right in the Labour Party, including shadow cabinet members, in his first week as leader.

Corbyn announces new plan for a 'People's Railway'

22 September 2015
Jeremy Corbyn has promised to renationalise the railways if Labour wins the next general election.

Jubilation spreads with news of Jeremy Corbyn's victory

15 September 2015
There were jubilant scenes last Saturday as Jeremy Corbyn’s election as Labour leader was announced.

After Corbyn's victory - a new hope

15 September 2015
Thousands cheer Jeremy Corbyn’s landslide election as Labour Party leader, reports Nick Clark

The things they say

15 September 2015
‘I do worry that there are some people who want to bring protest on to the street’

TUC delegates welcome Jeremy Corbyn as a 'breath of fresh air' after conference speech

15 September 2015
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s pledge to fight Tory austerity was greeted with rapturous applause by TUC conference delegates in Brighton today, Tuesday.

SWP statement on election of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour Party leader

12 September 2015
The Socialist Worker's Party has released a statment on the election of Jeremy Corbyn:

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