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State statisticians lose a whole year’s strike days

State statisticians lose a whole year’s strike days How many workers went on strike in 2020? One good answer might be “not enough”.

Facebook v Australia was a terrible match

Facebook v Australia was a terrible match The Australian government argued that Facebook made money from the news stories shared on its platform. So it proposed a law that would force Facebook to pay the Australian publishers who create them.

The social media bosses are not on our side

The social media bosses are not on our side With Donald Trump banned from social media Sarah Bates asks what are the implications of such measures for the left

Bosses’ press isn’t free

Bosses’ press isn’t free When Extinction Rebellion (XR) blockaded the entrances of two printing plants last week, it might not have anticipated the vitriolic response. 

Julian Assange hearing begins

Julian Assange hearing begins Julian Assange began his latest fight against extradition to the US in the Old Bailey on Monday.

Extinction Rebellion takes on the right wing media barons

Extinction Rebellion takes on the right wing media barons Extinction Rebellion (XR) protests—which began in London, Manchester and Cardiff last Tuesday—have drawn thousands of people worried about the climate crisis onto the streets.

Journalists strike against attacks on jobs and pay

01 September 2020
Local newspaper journalists in Warwickshire, Worcestershire and the West Midlands launched a second round of strikes on Tuesday of this week.

Tories protect their own amid allegations of corruption

28 June 2020
It’s not only Dominic Cummings that Boris Johnson has refused to sack. He is also protecting housing secretary Robert Jenrick, despite repeated allegations of what looks like corruption.

Expose smug media hypocrisy

26 May 2020
Dominic Cummings and many of his newfound critics in the mainstream media have far more in common than they like to pretend. 

Media feast on tiny turnouts of right wingers on protests

19 May 2020
Very small numbers of right wing protesters came out last weekend—and achieved massive publicity from the media.

Their free speech and ours

25 February 2020
As debates rage on the left over whose opinions should we allow to be heard, the right pose as free speech defenders to justify bigotry. Simon Basketter speaks his mind

Systematic hypocrisy and the death of Caroline Flack

18 February 2020
The suicide of Caroline Flack has opened up debate about the media, reality TV and mental distress. But jumping to simplistic explanations or solutions will not help vulnerable people, says Sarah Bates

Politics, bias and the media

06 December 2019
TV, print and online media exposed its pro-Tory sentiment during this year’s general election campaign. Nick Clark looks at why this is whether it can be resisted

Will fake news win the general election?

11 November 2019
Mainstream pundits are in a tizz over misinformation on the web. But as Nick Clark argues, lying in the media isn’t new—and the key thing isn’t what it says, but what we do

Reports of child abuse are shaped by media hypocrisy

23 July 2019
Peter Bornshin suffered sexual abuse while in the care of social services in the early 1980s. He was tormented by his experiences at the Grafton Close Children’s Home, west London.

Jeremy Kyle and television’s grim reality

14 May 2019
The Jeremy Kyle TV show has been suspended after a guest died just days after filming an episode.

Time to stand against the Nazi Tommy Robinson in Salford

19 February 2019
Several Labour MPs and ­leading trade unionists have backed a protest against Nazi Tommy Robinson in Salford, Greater Manchester, this Saturday.

Should the internet be policed? And if so, by who?

12 February 2019
High profile cases have pushed internet regulation up the political agenda, but Simon Basketter says it isn’t the answer

Media bias is business as usual

22 January 2019
Diane Abbott’s disgraceful treatment on the BBC’s Question Time programme shone a light on media bias.

Newsquest journalists in Cumbria strike against cuts and for better pay

20 December 2018
'Knowing that I’m being used is leaving me feeling crushed at the end of each day,' said a striker.

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