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Tory cuts fuel food banks

04 March 2014
Tory benefit cuts and low wages have driven up food poverty across Britain. 

Man ‘starved’ after an Atos ruling stopped his benefits

04 March 2014
A disabled man starved to death in David Cameron’s constituency last year, four months after his benefits were cut, a coroners court heard last week. Atos Healthcare declared Mark Wood “fit for work” despite the fact that he had serious health problems.

Tories fail to bury report on soaring food bank use

25 February 2014
The government tried to bury its own report into soaring food bank use last week, after holding it up for more than seven months.

Benefits campaigners call lobby at parliament

25 February 2014
The court of Appeal ruled last week against disabled campaigners who said the bedroom tax and benefit cap discriminate against them.

Campaigners’ in Southwark lobby to stop council cuts

25 February 2014
Benefit campaigners, trade unionists and others were set to lobby Southwark council in south London against cuts on Wednesday of this week.

Pressure on to scrap bedroom tax after new appeal victories

18 February 2014
New rulings could open the gates to tens of thousands of successful appeals against the Tories’ hated bedroom tax.

The real impact of Tory benefit sanctions

11 February 2014
The government’s attacks on benefits include cutting off people’s money often for the pettiest of reasons. Dave Sewell looks at the reality of sanctions

Bedroom tax campaign celebrates in Scotland - and prepares for new battles

11 February 2014
Over 100 people crammed into the Glasgow Unison union’s office last Sunday for the Scottish Anti Bedroom Tax Federation’s national committee. 

Bedroom tax marchers ‘have got Tories rattled’

28 January 2014
Up to 200 people marched through Southwark, south London, against the bedroom tax and benefit cuts on Saturday of last week.

Thousands of tenants charged bedroom tax - but they were exempt

14 January 2014
A loophole in the Tories’ bedroom tax legislation means the government owes hundreds of pounds to tenants who have paid the hated tax for the past nine months, writes Dave Sewell

'Benefits Street' residents speak out - 'TV firm is making us into scapegoats'

07 January 2014
Angry residents in Birmingham’s James Turner Street spoke to Socialist Worker about a new TV show about their lives being broadcast on Channel Four.  

Tory 'hard truths' mean no let-up in war on workers

07 January 2014
Tory chancellor George Osborne promised this week that 2014 will be “a year of hard truths”. This means more cuts. 

Fury at cuts to child benefits

17 December 2013
A panicking David Cameron has been forced to deny plans to scrap child benefits and tax credits for families with more than two children.

'Bedroom tax threats drove me from my home'

03 December 2013
One young family will be spending Christmas crammed in a one bedroom flat—after a death brought the bedroom tax onto them.

Tories could take even more benefits from the seriously ill by scrapping Work Related Activities Programme

26 November 2013
Tory minister Iain Duncan Smith wants to make it easier to slash the benefits of 550,000 seriously ill people, the Observer has claimed.

Victory as protest reverses bedroom tax eviction

19 November 2013
Campaigners in Glasgow swiftly reversed the eviction of a tenant hit by the bedroom tax last week.

Tories' war on welfare is plunging even more people into poverty

29 October 2013
The government’s war on welfare is plunging more and more people into deeper poverty.

Internal memos reveal fresh attacks on benefit claimants and job centre workers

29 October 2013
The government is changing the rules to make it harder for disabled people to appeal when it takes away their benefits.

Campaigning against the bedroom tax in Manchester and Fife

29 October 2013
Campaigners marched through Manchester banging pots and pans last Saturday to highlight the growth of food poverty in Britain.

Southwark tenants hit out as council takes thousands to court over council tax

22 October 2013
Southwark council summonsed more than 5,000 poor households to Camberwell Magistrates Court on Friday of last week because of council tax arrears.

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