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Victory as protest reverses bedroom tax eviction

19 November 2013
Campaigners in Glasgow swiftly reversed the eviction of a tenant hit by the bedroom tax last week.

Tories' war on welfare is plunging even more people into poverty

29 October 2013
The government’s war on welfare is plunging more and more people into deeper poverty.

Internal memos reveal fresh attacks on benefit claimants and job centre workers

29 October 2013
The government is changing the rules to make it harder for disabled people to appeal when it takes away their benefits.

Campaigning against the bedroom tax in Manchester and Fife

29 October 2013
Campaigners marched through Manchester banging pots and pans last Saturday to highlight the growth of food poverty in Britain.

Southwark tenants hit out as council takes thousands to court over council tax

22 October 2013
Southwark council summonsed more than 5,000 poor households to Camberwell Magistrates Court on Friday of last week because of council tax arrears.

Labour lashes out at benefit claimants

15 October 2013
Labour’s new welfare spokesperson Rachel Reeves has pledged that Labour would be “tougher” on welfare claimants than the Tories.

Labour needs to take a stand over evictions for bedroom tax arrears

08 October 2013
Labour faces calls to turn its words into actions on the bedroom tax.

Protests pile on pressure to scrap the bedroom tax

17 September 2013
Politicians in all three parties are struggling under fire to contain the opposition to the bedroom tax.

Tories left fuming after UN official says scrap the bedroom tax

11 September 2013
A senior United Nations (UN) official has said the Tories’ bedroom tax must be “suspended immediately”.

Victory for campaigners as council backs off from bedroom tax evictions

30 August 2013
Campaigners in Viewpark, Uddingston, scored a massive victory against the bedroom tax yesterday, forcing North Lanarkshire council to back off from threats to evict tenants.

News in brief round-up

27 August 2013
Charities slam benefit tests | LGBT people face bigotry at work | Child poverty worse than 1960s

Benefit changes plunge thousands into poverty

13 August 2013
Thousands of people in 40 local authorities had their income slashed on Monday of this week in the final phase of the Tories’ benefit cap.

Protesters rally to support Reverend Paul Nicolson

06 August 2013
Activists rallied in support of Reverend Paul Nicolson outside Tottenham Magistrates Court in north London on Friday morning of last week.

‘Caring’ council leader hauls tenants into court over council tax arrears

30 July 2013
The Guardian newspaper ran an article on the Labour leader of Leeds City Council Keith Wakefield last week. It told a story of how he has stood up for benefit claimants.

Court backs bedroom tax - but protests grow

30 July 2013
The Tories’ bedroom tax is pushing people to despair but resistance is growing too, reports Dave Sewell

We will resist bedroom tax evictions

23 July 2013
Tenants and supporters were set to protest against the bedroom tax around England on Saturday of this week.

Claimants and workers fight bedroom tax in Manchester

23 July 2013
More than 100 people from across Greater Manchester came to the city centre last Saturday to launch a regional federation against the bedroom tax.

Bedroom tax campaigns prepare for a national day of protests

16 July 2013
Campaign groups against the bedroom tax from towns and estates across Greater Manchester were set to launch a city-wide federation on Saturday of this week.

Tory benefit cap will drive thousands more into destitution

16 July 2013
Thousands of people took a huge hit to their housing benefits on Monday of this week. The first part of the Tories’ benefit cap came into force in the majority of Britain’s councils.

Tories lie to divide us

16 July 2013
The devastating benefit cuts are not enough for some Tories.  A group of MPs in marginal constituencies is calling for a vicious clampdown on teenage mothers.

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