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Tenants burn bedroom tax threat letters

09 July 2013
Viewpark Against the Bedroom Tax held a 4 July barbecue in the front garden of North Lanarkshire Council offices.

Bosses under pressure at bedroom tax conference

02 July 2013
Tory bedroom tax minister Lord Freud was far from welcome in Manchester last week.

Campaigners fight Barnsley council's attack on poorest

25 June 2013
Some 200 people turned up at Barnsley Magistrates Court last week after being summonsed for not paying council tax. 

Tory lord threatens councils over bedroom tax changes

25 June 2013
Tory benefit cuts minister Lord Freud threw down a gauntlet to council leaders last week. 

Tenants demand a hearing

25 June 2013
Tenants in Manchester are demanding the right to speak at the Chartered Institute of Housing in the city this week.

Campaign halts first bedroom tax eviction

18 June 2013
Manchester campaigners have shown it is possible to stop evictions over new benefit cuts, writes Dave Sewell

Birmingham march remembers bedroom tax victim Stephanie Bottrill

18 June 2013
More than 300 people marched through Birmingham last Saturday, in memory of Stephanie Bottrill.

Hidden attack in new Universal Credit

11 June 2013
The new Universal Credit benefit could include a mechanism for landlords to chase up rent arrears.

Rent arrears mount as Tories’ bedroom tax hits poor tenants

11 June 2013
The government’s hated bedroom tax came into force on 1 April. But the policy—and the Tories’ thin justifications for it—are already starting to fall apart, writes Dave Sewell

Join benefits protest in Birmingham

11 June 2013
Birmingham Benefit Justice Campaign has called a demonstration against the bedroom tax in Birmingham on Saturday of this week. 

Tory reform means 600,000 could lose their benefit

11 June 2013
The government will stop accepting claims for Disability Living Allowance (DLA) this week. 

Tenants fight back against hated bedroom tax

04 June 2013
Tenants and workers are organising resistance to the bedroom tax across Britain, reports Dave Sewell

Lively protests show the mood to fight over bedroom tax

04 June 2013
Around 150 people marched against the bedroom tax in Bristol last week.

GMB research shows how we could build 80,000 new homes

04 June 2013
Some 80,000 new homes could be built in Britain - if half the money spent on housing benefit was spent on social housing, according to the GMB union. It found that £23 billion was spent on housing benefit in 2011/12. Much of this goes to the pockets of private landlords who have hiked up rents.

Judges rule disability tests disadvantage people with mental health problems

28 May 2013
Judges have ruled that disability benefit tests disadvantage people with mental heath problems. 

Defy bully landlords over hated bedroom tax

28 May 2013
Benefit slashing Tory minister Iain Duncan Smith called for an extra £3 billion of welfare cuts on Tuesday of this week.

Tenants prepare for bedroom tax protests around Britain

28 May 2013
Protests were set to challenge the bedroom tax around Britain on Saturday of this week.

Benefit claimants launch legal battle over bedroom tax

21 May 2013
Ten claimants began a legal challenge against the bedroom tax on Wednesday of last week. 

Tory benefit changes - claim online, or not at all

21 May 2013
 Under the new welfare scheme all claims for universal credit will have to be made online. Benefit claimants will also manage their account on the internet.

Forced to spend 35 hours a week looking for fantasy jobs

21 May 2013
People seeking work are being made to search for jobs for 35 hours a week—on pain of losing their benefits. 

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