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Defy bully landlords over hated bedroom tax

28 May 2013
Benefit slashing Tory minister Iain Duncan Smith called for an extra £3 billion of welfare cuts on Tuesday of this week.

Judges rule disability tests disadvantage people with mental health problems

28 May 2013
Judges have ruled that disability benefit tests disadvantage people with mental heath problems. 

Benefit claimants launch legal battle over bedroom tax

21 May 2013
Ten claimants began a legal challenge against the bedroom tax on Wednesday of last week. 

Angry tenants defy the bedroom tax in Sheffield and Manchester

21 May 2013
Around 200 people protested against the bedroom tax in Sheffield on Saturday of last week.

Councils send out eviction letters, but face resistance over bedroom tax

21 May 2013
Two Labour-run Scottish councils have begun sending eviction letters to tenants affected by the bedroom tax.

Tory benefit changes - claim online, or not at all

21 May 2013
 Under the new welfare scheme all claims for universal credit will have to be made online. Benefit claimants will also manage their account on the internet.

Tory Universal Credit hits hard

21 May 2013
The Tories claim that Universal Credit will make 3 million households better off.

Benefits - there's far less fraud than they say

21 May 2013
A poll carried out by the TUC shows people think 27 percent commit benefit fraud.

Forced to spend 35 hours a week looking for fantasy jobs

21 May 2013
People seeking work are being made to search for jobs for 35 hours a week—on pain of losing their benefits. 

How Tory benefit lies create a job centre crisis

21 May 2013
The government claims that its benefits changes will help those out of work. But Annette Mackin looks at how the cuts hurt both workers and claimants

‘We’re not going to be victims,’ says anti-bedroom tax activists

14 May 2013
More than 350 people from 74 organisations met in London last Saturday to coordinate resistance to the government’s attacks on benefits.

Protests to take on Tory benefit cuts

14 May 2013
Benefits campaigners have called protests in several areas, including Wakefield and Sheffield, this week.

Asylum seeker explains why benefits claimants should unite against the bedroom tax

12 May 2013
Manjeet Kaur told the Benefit Justice Summit in London how she fought eviction

London landlords prepare for evictions

07 May 2013
People who fall into rent arrears thanks to the Tories’ bedroom tax and benefit cap could face eviction. 

Tory benefit cuts target the poorest households

07 May 2013
Tenants across Britain are straining under the weight of the Tories’ bedroom tax. 

Independent Living Fund scrapped

30 April 2013
A legal battle between disability activists and the government has revealed plans to slash up to £320 million of support to severely disabled people.

Hundreds march as Tory cuts hit poorest hardest

30 April 2013
Around 350 people protested against cuts and the bedroom tax in Middlesbrough last Saturday.

Anti-bedroom tax meetings kickstart a fightback

30 April 2013
New campaigns against the bedroom tax and benefit cuts are springing up across Britain. 

Anti-bedroom tax activist says - 'I won't let this happen without a fightback'

30 April 2013
People flocked from all over Scotland to join the first conference of the All Scotland Anti-Bedroom Tax Federation in Glasgow last Saturday. 

SNP and Labour fail bedroom tax test

23 April 2013
The two main political parties in Scotland say they oppose the bedroom tax.

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