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Tories lash out as fury erupts over benefit cuts

09 April 2013
The Tories’ welfare cuts have sparked widespread protest.

Iain Duncan Smith says he can live on my benefits... So I went to his mansion to ask him how

09 April 2013
Could Iain Duncan Smith really get by on £7.37 a day? The smug architect of the government’s welfare reforms insists he “could if I had to”. Socialist Worker and benefit claimant Paul went to his mansion in Swanbourne, Buckinghamshire, to find out

Legal Aid cuts will kick workers and the poor out of the courts

09 April 2013
Cuts of £350 million from legal aid will deny thousands of ordinary people the right to defend their jobs, homes and benefits in court, says Siân Ruddick

Welfare ‘mega-sum’ is not enough to live on in London

09 April 2013
A £500 a week benefit cap is set to come into effect in four pilot London boroughs next week. Labour’s Frank Field called it a “mega-sum”. But the increasing cost of living means that people need it. 

Councils say, we won’t evict

09 April 2013
More and more councils are coming out to say that they oppose the bedroom tax. 

Activists call more protests against hated bedroom tax

09 April 2013
Around two million people in over 650,000 households were hit by the Tories’ tax on social housing tenants’ spare bedrooms last week. Fewer than 1 percent of them have moved into smaller properties. 

The Tory offensive on benefits enrages poor

05 April 2013
The millionaire Tories running the government are on the rampage.

April 2013: A month of attacks on our welfare rights

05 April 2013
How the Tories are attacking a range of our benefits this month

Millionaire Tories take benefits from millions: How Dare They!

05 April 2013
A blizzard of cuts is set to rob billions from people on benefits this month.

Push people off benefits and get an Easter egg

28 March 2013
Job centre workers are facing disciplinary measures if they don’t sanction enough benefits claimants.

Labour defends the Tories from benefits backlash

28 March 2013
Last week could have been a disaster for the government’s workfare programme. It sends unemployed people to toil for free – and takes away their benefits if they refuse.

Protests across country reject Tory bedroom tax

21 March 2013
More than 12,000 people across more than 50 towns and cities protested against the Tories' vicious bedroom tax yesterday, Saturday.

Claimants lose out in benefits vote

15 January 2013
MPs voted last week for a real term cut to most working age benefits by scrapping the link with inflation. It could leave some people as much as £215 a year worse off.

Desperate lies can't hide savage Tory war on benefits

12 January 2013
Parliament was about to vote on deep cuts to benefits that millions rely on as Socialist Worker went to press.

Iain Duncan Smith is the REAL benefits cheat

12 January 2013
The Tories are at war with millions of benefits claimants.

Does means testing help the poorest?

22 May 2012
Tory minister Iain Duncan Smith says that only the poorest should get state funding for care in their old age. The idea is linked to government reforms to introducing means testing for certain benefits, which means people have to prove their poverty before they can claim them.

Welfare reforms will kick 500,000 off disability benefits

15 May 2012
The Tories’ welfare reforms will kick half a million disabled people off benefits—according to the government’s own figures.

Tories snatch kids' support

15 May 2012
The Tories announced plans to give parents of children with special educational needs more "choice" in support. This is part of the cuts agenda. It will snatch support from hundreds of thousands of children who need it.

Basildon Council's fake fraud case

15 May 2012
Basildon Council used fake evidence to accuse a single mother Mandy Barratt for benefit fraud. It claimed it received a phone call reporting her, but it has emerged that this never happened. The investigation was really triggered by a news article.

The real impact of incapacity benefits 'reforms'

08 November 2011
The Tories will force nearly a million people off incapacity benefits and leave 600,000 with no benefits at all, according to new research. Nearly 2.6 million claimants currently receive the benefit.

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