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Britain had bloody role in war on Afghanistan

16 August 2021
No one should be in any doubt that Afghanistan was Britain’s war as much as it was the US’s.

The Taliban—terror that the US made

08 August 2021
The Taliban movement is retaking control of Afghanistan after two decades of Western occupation. Nick Clark explores the group

Occupation wrong answer in Afghanistan

03 August 2021
The people responsible for wrecking Afghanistan are now wringing their hands at the chaos that they have left behind.

US imperialism, capitalism and Cuban protests

16 July 2021
The current protests in Cuba have raised arguments. Sophie Squire analyses the nature of Cuban state capitalism, the pressure from the US and today’s revolt.

The US can’t help Haiti

13 July 2021
The assassination last week of Haitian president Jovenel Moise has led to calls for US troops to be deployed to the nation. It would be a terrible response

Back the protests in Cuba, but beware US imperialism

12 July 2021
Mass protests in Cuba are prompted by real grievances. Sophie Squire looks at the revolt but warns of the forces that will try to use them

British government report into human rights tries to whitewash its allies’ crimes

09 July 2021
The Tories, who enable the abuse of human rights, pretend they are freedom's champion

Afghanistan—a bloody failure for US imperialism

05 July 2021
With the last US troops set to leave Afghanistan, Socialist Worker looks at how president Joe Biden is dealing with their defeat

Strike wave spreads across Iran’s oil fields

01 July 2021
A strike by Iranian oil workers has spread to at least 70 oil, gas, and petrochemical companies across eight provinces.

Reject Tory flag-waving after British and Russian naval clash

24 June 2021
British and Russian warships violently confronted each other in the Black Sea this week.

Biden tries to pull Russia into his battle with China

20 June 2021
Presidents Putin and Biden met last week for a summit. Socialist Worker investigates what the outcome means for imperialism

Peru—a radical history of resistance

14 June 2021
Pedro Castillo’s election win in Peru has cheered the left. Sophie Squire looks at the country’s history of struggle but also sounds some warnings for the future

Is there a ‘new cold war’ between the US and China?

14 June 2021
As US president Joe Biden goes on a mission to turn the West against China, Nick Clark investigates the competition between the capitalist states

G7 vaccine plan is a death sentence for millions

13 June 2021
A few billion doses far into the future mean billions will be left to infections and to die

Thousands march for Palestine in London as the G7 meets

12 June 2021
Around 8,000 protesters joined a rally outside Downing Street on Saturday to demand freedom for Palestine.

Mass grave of Indigenous children exposes Canada’s genocide

03 June 2021
The discovery of 215 First Nation children’s remains at the site of Canada’s biggest residential school has sent a shockwave of grief and anger across the country.

Why the US backs Israel

28 May 2021
The US sometimes poses as a friend of Palestinians—but will never end its support for Israel. Sophie Squire explains what’s behind their relationship

Israeli cops bring home war against Palestine

24 May 2021
Israel makes it clear that it will try to crush Palestinian resistance after ceasefire says Nick Clark

Why did Biden call on Israel to move to a ceasefire?

23 May 2021
His move was not about preserving Palestinian lives. It was to do with an assessment of the resistance to Israel and satisfying US allies.

One-state is the solution for Palestinian liberation

23 May 2021
As the myth of a two-state solution falls apart, Sam Ord argues why a one-state solution will truly free Palestine and end Israeli occupation

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