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Battle over trial of British mercenary in Iraq

25 August 2009
The case of Daniel Fitzsimons, a former British soldier facing the death penalty in Iraq, reveals a lot about the chaotic hell in which that country is mired.

Mercenaries in Iraq: big profits for private forces

25 August 2009
ArmorGroup is just one of the "private security" contractors that have descended on Iraq since the fall of Saddam Hussein’s regime. These companies have won millions of pounds of contracts from the US and Britain, and private firms, to provide "security" in Iraq.

Tension growing over Iraq

21 July 2009
The US military is finding the Iraqi interpretation of its Status of Forces Agreement a little hard to swallow.

Truth behind Britain’s torture of Iraqi prisoners

14 July 2009
Shocking images of British soldiers abusing Iraqi civilians were shown for the first time at the start of a public inquiry into the death of Baha Mousa.

Iraq occupation is not over

30 June 2009
Iraqis greeted the withdrawal of US troops from their cities this week by dancing in the streets.

Demand more from Iraq inquiry

23 June 2009
The row over the transparency, or otherwise, of the inquiry into the war on Iraq has exposed the continuing influence of Tony Blair on the Labour Party – and the weakness of Gordon Brown.

The agony of occupation

09 June 2009
You’re probably best known as a writer for Casualty and the musical drama Blackpool. Occupation is a long way from that. What made you decide to write a drama about British troops in Iraq?

Eyewitness to the wreckage of Iraq

09 June 2009
When you step out on the streets of Baghdad you notice immediately that all is not right in Iraq.

Iraq occupation leaves a trail of lies and misery

05 May 2009
The end of the British occupation of southern Iraq was accompanied with the usual pomp and circumstance.

Former US allies in Iraq become its enemies

14 April 2009
The faultlines in Iraq are deepening as the country marks six years of occupation.

US plans in danger as Iraq deal falls apart

07 April 2009
One of the central planks of the US strategy to pacify Iraq has begun to unravel – just as it prepares to draw down its troops from the country.

Iraq: British troops withdrawal does not mean peace

31 March 2009
The British occupation forces in southern Iraq passed military command of the region to the US Army this week.

No model democracy in Iraq

03 February 2009
With the elections in Iraq behind them, warmongers in Britain and the US have been quick to declare once again, "mission accomplished". Iraq, they say, should become a model for democracy across the Middle East.

George Bush learns that there's no shoes like good shoes

15 December 2008
In the end all it took was a well-aimed shoe. US president George Bush faced his final humiliation when an Iraqi journalist pelted him with his size 10s during the president’s "farewell trip" to the country he destroyed.

Iraq deal will not end occupation

02 December 2008
The Iraqi parliament has approved the Status of Forces Agreement that sets a date for the withdrawal of US combat troops from the country by 31 December 2011.

Mass demonstration in Iraq

25 November 2008
Iraqi supporters of Moqtada al-Sadr, the rebel Shia cleric, demonstrated in their tens of thousands in Baghdad on Friday of last week.

Iraq deal does not end the war

18 November 2008
It is being hailed as an honourable end to a disreputable war, the Status of Forces Agreement signed by the Iraqi cabinet last weekend sets out a timetable for the withdrawal of US combat troops from cities by June 2009, and the whole country by December 2011.

Basra rises against wage cuts

04 November 2008
Thousands of Iraqi workers took to the streets of Basra on 27 October in a protest at massive cuts in salaries demanded by the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

US raid into Syria shows tension

28 October 2008
A US military attack on the Syrian border town of Abu Kamal has exposed growing divisions among the "coalition of the willing" behind the invasion of Iraq.

US and British deal hits the buffers in Iraq

21 October 2008
A deal that would formalise the occupation of Iraq by the US and Britain has run aground – again.

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