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Iraq: Rise of the private armies

16 October 2007
British charity War On Want has been tracking the growth of private military contractors over the last few years. In a report released earlier this year, Corporate Mercenaries – The Threat of Private Military and Security Companies, the charity condems what it describes as the "privatisation of war". The major corporate mercenary firms are:

Turkish tensions threaten US in Iraq

16 October 2007
The US House of Representatives has voted to call a spade a spade and decided that the massacre of around one million Armenians in Ottoman Turkey in 1915 must be described as genocide.

Private armies free to kill in Iraq

16 October 2007
They kill with impunity. Gun down civilians, devastate families and spread terror. Yet they are beyond the law.

Innocents killed by corporate mercenaries in Baghdad

16 October 2007
On Tuesday 8 October Marou Awanis was driving through Baghdad when she accidentally got too close to a convoy guarded by "private security contractors". The guards opened fire on her car, killing her and one passenger, and injuring others in the back seat.

Iraqi protest against wall

09 October 2007
Over 1,000 Iraqis demonstrated in Baghdad last Saturday against the US occupation and its plans to carve up the city by building walls between Sunni and Shia areas. They chanted "No to the wall, no to America."

More evidence of Iraq occupation’s failure

09 October 2007
More evidence of Iraq occupation’s failure

Chilling signs that Brown will back a US attack on Iran

02 October 2007
Gordon Brown was in Basra in Iraq on Tuesday of this week to announce that 1,000 British troops would leave the city by the end of the year. But 4,000 will remain in Iraq – despite being driven out of Basra city last month.

New exhibition of anti-war art

25 September 2007
War Art by Gerald Laing is an exhibition inspired by the war in Iraq and the Abu Ghraib torture scandal. It is to be shown for the first time at the StolenSpace gallery in Brick Lane, east London, between 28 September and 13 October.

General Petraeus can’t disguise grim truth about Iraq

11 September 2007
George Bush is trying to sell his "surge" of US troops in Iraq as a success. General David Petraeus, the US commander tasked with assessing the occupation, this week painted a glowing picture of the situation to the US Congress’s house committee on foreign affairs.

The British army was defeated in Basra, Mr Brown

04 September 2007
The British army has been resoundingly defeated in Iraq – and the only person who doesn't know it is prime minister Gordon Brown.

Vietnam vet on George Bush’s false history lesson

28 August 2007
In his speech to the Veterans of Foreign Wars national convention last week, president George Bush urged Americans to "resist the allure of retreat".

Iraq war round-up

28 August 2007
Refugees surge from Iraq The US military "surge" in Iraq has fuelled a further rise in the number of refugees and of civilians detained by occupation forces.

Defeated in Iraq

21 August 2007
The cat is finally out of the bag. Military commanders, politicians and newspaper headlines all now admit that Britain has lost the war in the south of Iraq.

Canadians protest against George Bush

21 August 2007

Chaos in Iraq as occupation fails

14 August 2007
Why is Gordon Brown still backing an occupation that has failed at every level, missed every target and brought misery to millions of people?

Get the troops out now: not one more day, not one more life

14 August 2007
Another week, and another six young British soldiers lie dead in the mire of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Iraq occupation uses Saddam’s law to ban oil union

08 August 2007
The pro-US Iraqi government has outlawed the country’s oil workers’ union under a law passed during the regime of Saddam Hussein.

Oxfam slams the humanitarian crisis in Iraq

31 July 2007
The Oxfam charity has issued a damning report on the state of Iraq four years into the occupation.

US military families in 'surge' against war

24 July 2007
There is tide of change against the war among the families of US soldiers serving in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Resisting the plans to control Iraq’s oil

17 July 2007
The US wants to get it hands on Iraq’s oil wealth and is pressuring the Iraqi government to pass a law that will mortgage the country’s future, says Hassan Jumaa Awad, the leader of the Iraqi Federation of Oil Unions.

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