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The British army was defeated in Basra, Mr Brown

04 September 2007
The British army has been resoundingly defeated in Iraq – and the only person who doesn't know it is prime minister Gordon Brown.

Vietnam vet on George Bush’s false history lesson

28 August 2007
In his speech to the Veterans of Foreign Wars national convention last week, president George Bush urged Americans to "resist the allure of retreat".

Iraq war round-up

28 August 2007
Refugees surge from Iraq The US military "surge" in Iraq has fuelled a further rise in the number of refugees and of civilians detained by occupation forces.

Defeated in Iraq

21 August 2007
The cat is finally out of the bag. Military commanders, politicians and newspaper headlines all now admit that Britain has lost the war in the south of Iraq.

Canadians protest against George Bush

21 August 2007

Chaos in Iraq as occupation fails

14 August 2007
Why is Gordon Brown still backing an occupation that has failed at every level, missed every target and brought misery to millions of people?

Get the troops out now: not one more day, not one more life

14 August 2007
Another week, and another six young British soldiers lie dead in the mire of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Iraq occupation uses Saddam’s law to ban oil union

08 August 2007
The pro-US Iraqi government has outlawed the country’s oil workers’ union under a law passed during the regime of Saddam Hussein.

Oxfam slams the humanitarian crisis in Iraq

31 July 2007
The Oxfam charity has issued a damning report on the state of Iraq four years into the occupation.

US military families in 'surge' against war

24 July 2007
There is tide of change against the war among the families of US soldiers serving in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Resisting the plans to control Iraq’s oil

17 July 2007
The US wants to get it hands on Iraq’s oil wealth and is pressuring the Iraqi government to pass a law that will mortgage the country’s future, says Hassan Jumaa Awad, the leader of the Iraqi Federation of Oil Unions.

George Bush in crisis as Iraq ‘surge’ fails

17 July 2007
George Bush is facing a political crisis in the US as it becomes increasingly clear that his strategy for maintaining the occupation of Iraq is rapidly unravelling.

Another ten years of the ‘long war’, says commander of US troops in Iraq

10 July 2007
The war in Iraq will last over ten years according to the commander of US troops there, General David Petraeus.

Brutal occupation brings rising death tolls in Iraq and Afghanistan

03 July 2007
In Iraq and Afghanistan the bloody toll is still rising as the daily brutality and terror of war and occupation continues.

Lords rule that Iraqis have human rights

20 June 2007
The House of Lords ruled last week that European human rights law did apply to British troops serving in Iraq in the case of Baha Musa who died in their custody four years ago.

Iraqi oil workers defy threats to win strike

12 June 2007
Iraqi oil workers have won a victory in their strike against the US-backed government.

Iraqi Oil Workers' leaders face arrest

06 June 2007
The US backed Iraqi government has ordered the arrest of four leaders of the Iraqi Federation of Oil Unions, including Hassan Jumaa Awad, for "sabotaging the Iraqi economy" by organising a strike.

Military families warn Brown on Iraq disaster

05 June 2007
Rose Gentle from Military Families Against the War confronted Gordon Brown when he attended the Labour leadership hustings in Glasgow last Saturday.

US elite knows the ‘surge’ is failing

05 June 2007
The US strategy in Iraq is in flux. George Bush’s generals say the "surge" in US troop numbers will continue into spring next year.

Iraqi oil workers on shut down

05 June 2007
Oil workers have shut down refineries in the south of Iraq as part of a rolling strike. Members of the Iraqi Federation of Oil Unions (IFOU) launched their strike after the government reneged on a promise to release benefits payments.

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