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Bernie Sanders

US—who will feel the After-Bern?

03 May 2016
It's the moment of truth for Bernie Sanders and his supporters in the United States.

Clinton wins in New York: where now for Sanders campaign?

20 April 2016
HILLARY CLINTON has defeated Bernie Sanders in the New York contest to decide who will be the Democratic Party candidate for US president.

New mood of opposition sweeps United States

19 April 2016
The United States is changing, and there were three examples of this in recent days. There has been a big strike, a civil disobedience movement and huge turnouts at rallies for Bernie Sanders.

A great social process is being revealed by the US presidential race

12 April 2016
Media coverage of the US presidential elections is dominated by talk of primaries, caucuses, and delegate numbers. But behind the complex details a great social process is being revealed.

Victory for Bernie Sanders in Wisconsin as he turns up the heat on Hillary Clinton

06 April 2016
Bernie Sanders has won the primary in the state of Wisconsin to decide the Democratic candidate for the US presidency.

Bernie Sanders sees "path to victory" after huge wins in three states

28 March 2016
BERNIE SANDERS, who calls himself a socialist, recorded three massive wins in contests last Saturday to choose the Democratic Party candidate for US president.

Sanders wins two out of three US states by big margins

23 March 2016
 BERNIE SANDERS won overwhelmingly two of the three states that voted yesterday, Tuesday, to choose the Democratic Party candidate for US president. Sanders, who calls himself a socialist, is still finding a big audience for his message that the political and economic system is broken and needs to change.

Protests spark chaos at Trump rallies in US

15 March 2016
The Chicago protests marked a shift—and put Donald Trump on the defensive, says?Charlie Kimber

Clinton and Trump ahead in US election race but Super Tuesday tells us more

02 March 2016
The results of the voting yesterday, Tuesday, in the United States are almost universally portrayed as a crushing victory for Hilary Clinton on the Democratic party side and Donald Trump for the Republicans. It’s not that simple.

Bernie and Beyoncé

09 February 2016
One of the biggest sporting events in the world was dominated by a musical tribute to an armed revolutionary group last week.

Bernie Sanders' election campaign inspires activists across the US

22 January 2016
Bernie Sanders is running to be the Democratic Party candidate for US president. He calls himself a socialist, he confidently puts out radical policies—and in some polls he’s ahead of the establishment choice Hillary Clinton.

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