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Stand Up to Racism

Debates on fighting racism on campus at student Stand Up To Racism conference

17 February 2019
A call to confront racism and the far right on campuses went out from the student Stand Up To Racism conference

Racist EU leaders are to blame for refugee deaths

22 January 2019
Around 170 refugees have drowned after two boats were shipwrecked in the Mediterranean Sea last week.

Students organise to kick the racists off campuses

15 January 2019
Students and lecturers at three universities are organising to drive racism and bigotry off their campuses.

Letters: We shouldn’t pay—fight for right of EU migrants to stay

14 January 2019
We have a Tory government that takes any opportunity to make racist policies.

Racist Ukip leader Batten’s ego battered by protest in Wigan

09 January 2019
Anti-racists humiliated racist Ukip leader Gerard Batten in Wigan on Tuesday night.

The Tories stoke racism with a fake crisis in the English Channel

01 January 2019
The Tories have manufactured a sham migrant crisis to justify their racism, writes Tomáš Tengely-Evans

Our united front can beat Nazi Tommy Robinson

11 December 2018
The anti-racist and anti-fascist unity last Sunday was the best display of what it will take to stop the Nazis

Anti-fascists outnumber Nazi Tommy Robinson’s crew and Ukip

09 December 2018
Ten thousand opposed 5,000 fascists and their friends. But the union of Nazis and a racist electoral party is still a threat.

Calais refugees attacked by French police, blocked by British state racism

08 December 2018
French police have launched a renewed wave of repression against refugees trapped at Britain's border in Calais.

Halt the rise of Robinson’s street army with unity

04 December 2018
As the far right gains in confidence, the left must unite to defeat it

Unite and stop the racists and fascists on 9 December

27 November 2018
Anti-racists are mobilising against a planned march called by Nazi Tommy Robinson on Sunday 9 December

Letters—Oxford Union has helped to legitimise far right bigotry

27 November 2018
The Oxford Union, a posh private debating club for Oxford University students, invited far right guru Steve Bannon to speak a fortnight ago.

After Tommy Robinson appointed ‘adviser’ to Ukip leader—join counter-demonstration on 9 December

23 November 2018
Nazi Tommy Robinson has been appointed as a “special adviser” to the leader of the racist Ukip party

Protest against Tommy Robinson in London on 9 December

20 November 2018
Nazi Tommy Robinson has called on his supporters to take to the streets on Sunday 9 December in London.

GALLERY - On the march against racism and fascism

18 November 2018
Pictures of the 17 November demonstration by Guy Smallman

Tens of thousands on the march against racism and fascism

17 November 2018
It showed the sort of fighting unity we need against the lies and the division peddled by the racists and the far right.

Demonstration in central London calls for resistance to racism and fascism

17 November 2018
Thousands of people marched on Saturday. Trade unionists, Labour Party members, Brazilians, Muslims, councillors, socialists, Palestine campaigners and others all joined the march.

Thousands gather for anti-racist unity demonstration in London

17 November 2018
Thousands of people joined the national demonstration against racism and fascism in central London this Saturday.

How we can push back against racism

09 November 2018
Thousands of people will march in London on 17 November against the rise of racism and fascism. Activists spoke to Socialist Worker about the renewed threat from the right—and what needs to be done to fight it

Anti-racism round-up—Building a network against racism

06 November 2018
Stand Up To Racism (SUTR) supporters are organising across Britain against racism and the far right.

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