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Five articles on Brexit

Five articles on Brexit It’s impossible at this stage to give a proper analysis of the new Brexit deal. But here are five articles that give the background.

Brexit—is it all over?

Brexit—is it all over? As Britain leaves the European Union, Sophie Squire and Sarah Bates look at the problems that lie ahead for the Tories, big business and Labour

Labour is wrong to back second referendum

Labour is wrong to back second referendum The Labour Party’s left wing leaders have given in to pressure from the right to support calls for a second Brexit referendum.

Use Brexit rows to get the Tories out

Use Brexit rows to get the Tories out Government ministers were summoned to an emergency cabinet meeting to discuss a Brexit deal. It was unclear whether it would be approved by the cabinet, and still more uncertain what will happen when it goes to parliament. May's crisis is far from over.

Anti-Tory vote was no revolt of Remainers

Anti-Tory vote was no revolt of Remainers Some right wingers and liberals are trying to paint the election result as the revenge of Remain voters who want to stay in the European Union (EU).

The Brexit that we want

The Brexit that we want There are specific demands around Brexit that the whole working class movement needs to unite around. Alistair Farrow sets out Socialist Worker’s contribution to an urgent debate

The Tories fear Brexit - we need to shape it

23 August 2016
The left must start to contest the debate about what will happen when Britain leaves the European Union (EU). At the moment the argument is dominated by competing right wing visions.

We must overcome the dangerous divisions in the working class

12 July 2016
The Brexit referendum revealed a united ruling class and a divided working class. A few eccentrics aside, big business backed Britain’s membership of the European Union (EU). They are now united in mourning the result of the vote.

Good riddance as Farage says goodbye at long last

05 July 2016
Nigel Farage “stepped aside” as leader of the racist Ukip party on Monday saying he wanted his “life back”.

Don’t let the elite’s crisis go to waste

05 July 2016
Boris Johnson and Ukip politician Nigel Farage have followed David Cameron into the sunset.

Tory thieves fall out in chaotic leadership campaign

05 July 2016
Divisions in the Tories have made their race to select a new leader chaotic.

Fight to stop the Labour right’s scheme to oust Jeremy Corbyn

28 June 2016
As Labour MPs line up to overturn their leader, Nick Clark argues that the left must mobilise to defeat them

Brexit vote was a revolt against the rich

28 June 2016
The vote to leave the European Union last week defied the establishment and revealed a deep disaffection towards a system that has failed working class people, argues Charlie Kimber

Social change never comes without turmoil—we have to seize the time

28 June 2016
Britain’s rulers face seismic political questions after the Leave vote—and none have any answer.

Tories set to knock lumps out of each other

28 June 2016
Bungling chancellor George Osborne once looked like a shoe-in to succeed David Cameron. Now he has backed down from threatening another austerity budget because of the Leave vote.

Eton mess David Cameron’s reign of error has left the Tories weaker than ever

28 June 2016
The EU referendum was meant to reunite the split Conservatives and save their leader’s bacon. Too bad for them it did the opposite, writes Simon Basketter

After EU vote and Cameron goes: unite to shape revolt against establishment

24 June 2016
David Cameron has resigned and the Leave vote in the EU referendum has hurled the establishment into a profound crisis.

Workers must reject our rulers' racism

21 June 2016
Both the official Remain and Leave have shown utter contempt for working class people.

Let’s take advantage of the establishment’s crisis

21 June 2016
The European Union (EU) referendum has exposed the depth of the crisis in the British political establishment—and that's good

The ruling class is terrified of leaving the rotten EU

21 June 2016
Bosses have fought to defend their interests ahead of the referendum this Thursday, writes Dave Sewe

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