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EU referendum

Tory thieves fall out in chaotic leadership campaign

05 July 2016
Divisions in the Tories have made their race to select a new leader chaotic.

Fight to stop the Labour right’s scheme to oust Jeremy Corbyn

28 June 2016
As Labour MPs line up to overturn their leader, Nick Clark argues that the left must mobilise to defeat them

Brexit vote was a revolt against the rich

28 June 2016
The vote to leave the European Union last week defied the establishment and revealed a deep disaffection towards a system that has failed working class people, argues Charlie Kimber

Social change never comes without turmoil—we have to seize the time

28 June 2016
Britain’s rulers face seismic political questions after the Leave vote—and none have any answer.

Tories set to knock lumps out of each other

28 June 2016
Bungling chancellor George Osborne once looked like a shoe-in to succeed David Cameron. Now he has backed down from threatening another austerity budget because of the Leave vote.

Eton mess David Cameron’s reign of error has left the Tories weaker than ever

28 June 2016
The EU referendum was meant to reunite the split Conservatives and save their leader’s bacon. Too bad for them it did the opposite, writes Simon Basketter

After EU vote and Cameron goes: unite to shape revolt against establishment

24 June 2016
David Cameron has resigned and the Leave vote in the EU referendum has hurled the establishment into a profound crisis.

Workers must reject our rulers' racism

21 June 2016
Both the official Remain and Leave have shown utter contempt for working class people.

Let’s take advantage of the establishment’s crisis

21 June 2016
The European Union (EU) referendum has exposed the depth of the crisis in the British political establishment—and that's good

The ruling class is terrified of leaving the rotten EU

21 June 2016
Bosses have fought to defend their interests ahead of the referendum this Thursday, writes Dave Sewe

Don't leave anger at the establishment to the racist right in EU referendum

21 June 2016
Labour MP Jo Cox’s horrible murder has haunted the final days of the European Union (EU) referendum campaign. It is now known that her attacker is an open Nazi.

Workers are right to reject Cameron’s EU

14 June 2016
David Cameron has handed his fate to the Labour Party. According to the Financial Times newspaper, he is “passing the baton to Labour’s leading figures to try to lure back working class voters veering towards Brexit”.

Leave vote will weaken our right wing enemies

07 June 2016
What is the European Union (EU) referendum really about? According to some of the leading campaigners,

By backing the EU, Corbyn only helps his enemies

07 June 2016
Labour leader’s speech threw away a chance to reshape the referendum, reports Tomáš Tengely-Evans

The European Union is a bosses' club—and can't be reformed

31 May 2016
Two visions of European unity are starkly on show this week.

Don’t bail out warring Tories - go on the offensive against them

31 May 2016
With deep divisions in the Tory party over Europe, the left must go on the offensive against Cameron’s weakened government instead of arguing for Remain, writes Tomáš Tengely-Evans

Would leaving the EU really cause a recession?

27 May 2016
Remain campaigners threaten mass job losses if Britain leaves the EU. But the bosses’ club won’t save us, says Sadie Robinson

EU referendum campaigners unite against racism at Refugees Welcome rally

26 May 2016
Around 200 people joined Refugees Welcome Here – Racism out of the Referendum meeting in central London last night, Wednesday.

Lexit rally in London

19 May 2016
Speakers from the international left put the case for a left exit from the European Union at a rally in London yesterday, Wednesday.

Video and report of left EU debate with Caroline Lucas in Brighton

13 May 2016
Over 200 people joined a left wing debate on the European Union (EU) referendum in Brighton last night, Thursday.

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