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Woman’s rape and murder sees mass revulsion across India

05 October 2020
A wave of anger at police, politicians and caste violence has spread across India after four upper-caste men allegedly raped and murdered a low-caste Dalit woman. 

How British imperialism split Cyprus

04 October 2020
With Turkey and Greece the closest to conflict than they have been in years Nick Clark explains why Cyprus has been such a focus point for imperialist powers, especially Britain

‘We are motivated by the irresponsible attitude of the government,’ say students in occupation in Greece

01 October 2020
Students have occupied more than 700 schools across Greece, forcing them to close, in protest at the unsafe push to return.

Lesvos refugees who escaped a fire now face appalling conditions

17 September 2020
'Everybody is tired. We want other countries to come and help us,' a refugee tells Socialist Worker

Refugees on Lesvos defy repression to march for freedom

13 September 2020
Thousands of stranded refugees demonstrated on the Greek island of Lesvos after the camp they were kept in burned down this week. They were met by riot police with teargas

Fire destroys refugee camp in Lesvos

09 September 2020
A huge fire has destroyed the Moria refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesvos, where tens of thousands of people fleeing war and poverty are trapped

Energy rows in the Mediterranean reflect deepening imperialist rivalries

31 August 2020
There is a scramble going on to grab the gas reserves in the north eastern Mediterranean. Competition over energy is interwoven with the growing struggle for dominance in a Middle East thrown into chaos

Tens of thousands take to the streets of France to demand ‘freedom, equality and dignity’

23 June 2020
Big, militant anti-racist marches took place in several cities across France last Saturday.

Greek workers take to streets to protect lives and jobs from coronavirus crisis

29 April 2020
Hospitality workers in Greece stopped work and protested on Tuesday demanding bosses protect their lives—and their jobs—from the coronavirus outbreak.

Protests against attacks on education in Greece

28 April 2020
Teachers and high school students in Greece protested in public last Friday against attacks on education

Health workers protest against poor response to virus in Greece

08 April 2020
 Health workers in Greece protested at 28 hospitals around the country on Tuesday, against their right wing government’s response to the coronavirus outbreak.

Horror for refugees as conditions make coronavirus more deadly

23 March 2020
In Greece overcrowded refugee camps on islands in the Aegean sea have been put on lockdown.

Lesvos—a hellhole for refugees created by racism

15 March 2020
Some 20,000 refugees are trapped in the tiny Moria camp on the Greek island of Lesvos. Nick Clark spoke to some of those in the camp about the reality of life there—and to anti-racist activists about how they have organised solidarity. Photographs by Guy Smallman

Fascists and racist state attack refugees in Lesvos

10 March 2020
As the European Union (EU) encourages police violence against migrants at Greece’s border with Turkey, Nazis are targeting refugees on the island of Lesvos.

Lesvos refugee crisis—regimes collude to enforce borders

10 March 2020
The recent spike in attempts to enter Greece comes after the breakdown of a deal between the European Union (EU) and Turkey meant to stop refugees coming to Europe.

‘Bring in all the refugees —give them asylum now’

03 March 2020
As European border forces prepare to beat back thousands of refugees, the call needs to go out to let them in.

Child dies in the European Union’s border crackdown

18 November 2019
The European Union’s (EU) border policy has caused the death of a nine month old baby in one of Greece’s vast, overcrowded refugee camps.

International round-up—Strike to defend French pensions

17 September 2019
Workers across France are set to strike next Tuesday against the government’s assault on pensions.

Protests for right to organise on campus in Greece

06 August 2019
Thousands of university students, lecturers, teachers and workers in Greece have protested against an attack on the right to organise on campus

The downfall of Syriza in Greek elections is a crucial lesson for the left

08 July 2019
Greece’s once-radical left wing party Syriza was booted out of government in elections on Sunday—after four years of enforcing austerity and racism.

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