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Workers in Greece defy bankers’ blackmail

07 July 2015
Millions refused to be bullied—now their struggle can inspire resistance, writes Dave Sewell in Athens

Up yours bankers—Greek workers say ‘OXI’

07 July 2015
Celebrations took place in Syntagma Square in front of the Greek parliament and around the surrounding streets long into the night last Sunday.

Building on OXI vote can win real change

07 July 2015
There are historical moments when the normal rush of events comes to a standstill. These are often occasions when the usual relations of power are reversed, the mighty humbled, and the poor and needy uplifted.

Eyewitness in Athens: 'People have said no to austerity – and it's only the start'

05 July 2015
Celebrations are breaking out all over Greece tonight, Sunday, as the results of today's referendum come in – with a resounding No to the EU and IMF’s proposed austerity package.

Eyewitness in Athens: No voter says, 'The politicians who support yes are the ones who got us here'

05 July 2015
The outcome of Greece’s referendum on a proposed new austerity package was balanced on a knife edge as polls opened this morning, Sunday.

Eyewitness in Athens: Hundreds of thousands-strong No rally defies bankers' blackmail

04 July 2015
Hundreds of thousands of people crammed into central Athens' Syntagma Square last night, Friday, for the official no campaign's rally ahead of Sunday's austerity referendum. 

Workers in Greece say, 'A no vote will show that we are not afraid'

03 July 2015
Cleaners in Athens and a dock workers' union secretary in the Piraeus port spoke to Dave Sewell about how the referendum is crucial to their struggles.

Eyewitness in Athens: thousands march on Greek anti-capitalist demonstration

03 July 2015
Over 5,000 people joined the anti-capitalist left on a march through Athens last night, Thursday, calling for a no vote in Sunday's austerity referendum.

'We want control of our lives and workplaces', Greek health workers speak out

02 July 2015
With just three days until Greece's austerity referendum, Europe’s rulers are ramping up their “project fear” about rejecting their latest deal.

European institutions' 'project fear' over Greece

30 June 2015
Right wing and liberal parties were set to protest the day after Monday’s protests against the deal. Their main demand is for the referendum to be cancelled.

Why is Greece in so much debt? A brief background to the crisis

30 June 2015
Socialist Worker answers four questions on the Greek crisis

Workers in Greece can strike a blow in austerity referendum

30 June 2015
Banks were closed across Greece on Monday of this week in the run-up to a planned referendum on Sunday.

No to blackmail and compromise with austerity in Greece

28 June 2015
A statement from the Greek SWP on the coming referendum. Vote no to the agreement - and don't stop there

Protests at EU Greek cuts deal

23 June 2015
The European Union and the International Monetary Fund continued their brutish blackmail of the Greek government this week, writes Panos Garganas

Patience is running out on both sides of Greek crisis

16 June 2015
Greece’s creditors and the institutions that represent them keep sending one message, “Patience is running out”.

Europe's hidden shame - a system to criminalise refugees

16 June 2015
The European Union’s leaders go to shocking lengths to get refugees out of sight, out of mind and out of Europe, migrants and activists told Dave Sewell and Ken Olende

Greek showdown is no spectator sport

09 June 2015
Alex Callinicos argues that how the Greek crisis is resolved depends on what workers do

Greek government under increasing pressure as bailout deadlines loom

02 June 2015
Greece’s government entered the final month of its bailout extension this week under more pressure than ever.

Why Ukraine gets an easy ride over debt

02 June 2015
You may not have noticed, but Greece isn’t the only country that is engaged in difficult negotiations about its foreign debt. Ukraine is too.

Strikes in Greece keep up the pressure from below against austerity

26 May 2015
Hospital workers walked out across Greece on Wednesday of last week, in the biggest strike since the election of radical left party Syriza in January.

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