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Why is Greece in so much debt? A brief background to the crisis

30 June 2015
Socialist Worker answers four questions on the Greek crisis

Workers in Greece can strike a blow in austerity referendum

30 June 2015
Banks were closed across Greece on Monday of this week in the run-up to a planned referendum on Sunday.

No to blackmail and compromise with austerity in Greece

28 June 2015
A statement from the Greek SWP on the coming referendum. Vote no to the agreement - and don't stop there

Protests at EU Greek cuts deal

23 June 2015
The European Union and the International Monetary Fund continued their brutish blackmail of the Greek government this week, writes Panos Garganas

Europe's hidden shame - a system to criminalise refugees

16 June 2015
The European Union’s leaders go to shocking lengths to get refugees out of sight, out of mind and out of Europe, migrants and activists told Dave Sewell and Ken Olende

Patience is running out on both sides of Greek crisis

16 June 2015
Greece’s creditors and the institutions that represent them keep sending one message, “Patience is running out”.

Greek showdown is no spectator sport

09 June 2015
Alex Callinicos argues that how the Greek crisis is resolved depends on what workers do

Greek government under increasing pressure as bailout deadlines loom

02 June 2015
Greece’s government entered the final month of its bailout extension this week under more pressure than ever.

Why Ukraine gets an easy ride over debt

02 June 2015
You may not have noticed, but Greece isn’t the only country that is engaged in difficult negotiations about its foreign debt. Ukraine is too.

Strikes in Greece keep up the pressure from below against austerity

26 May 2015
Hospital workers walked out across Greece on Wednesday of last week, in the biggest strike since the election of radical left party Syriza in January.

Workers keep the struggle live as Greek state broadcaster ERT is reinstated

19 May 2015
Greece’s state broadcaster ERT is set to officially return on Monday of next week—two years after its closure. This is a victory for workers who occupied ERT and operated it under workers’ control.

Workers move to stop Greece’s Syriza government backsliding

12 May 2015
The Greek government, led by the radical left Syriza party, is backsliding under pressure from the European Union (EU) and International Monetary Fund (IMF). But workers are not taking this lying down.

Has Syriza reached its moment of truth?

05 May 2015
Many commentators argue that the Greek left government headed by Syriza is heading towards the moment of truth in its confrontation with the European Union.

Syriza’s compromise won’t beat austerity

28 April 2015
The rulers of the European Union (EU) are getting seriously annoyed with those pesky Greeks.

Bosses demand Syriza makes more 'reforms'

21 April 2015
Europe’s rulers are continuing to blackmail Greece’s Syriza-led government in the latest round of “crunch” talks two months after forcing it into a humiliating compromise.

Protests and shutdowns meet Golden Dawn trial in Greece

21 April 2015
Angry crowds marched on Korydallos prison in Athens on Monday of this week as the trial of the Nazi Golden Dawn party began inside.

Workers plan strikes to oppose Nazi Golden Dawn in Greece

14 April 2015
Greece’s public sector union federation ADEDY has called a four-hour strike on Monday of next week so workers can rally outside the trial of the fascist Golden Dawn.

Syriza commits to keep paying Greece's debts but Euro bullies still withhold bailout

07 April 2015
The blackmail of Greece’s government by its creditors pushed it closer than ever to bankruptcy this week.

Solidarity delegation from London council says, 'Don’t leave Greece to fight alone'

07 April 2015
A joint solidarity delegation of councillors and trade unionists from the London borough of Tower Hamlets visited Greece last month.

The left needs to fight Syriza's compromises

31 March 2015
Satisfying the workers’ demands and breaking with the EU blackmail means a revolutionary strategy, writes Panos Garganas

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