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Growing confidence in Greece to take on Nazi Golden Dawn

17 March 2015
The call for international protests against racism and fascism this Saturday first came from Greece. And the demonstrations here look set to be massive.

Syriza and socialist strategy - part one

10 March 2015
Stathis Kouvelakis, a leading figure on the left of the Greek radical left party Syriza, argues it has made mistakes but is still our best hope for change.

Health strike planned as rulers pressure Syriza

10 March 2015
Health workers in two Athens hospitals were set to walk out on Wednesday of this week and march on the Ministry of Health. 

Resistance can beat the Eurogroup rulers

03 March 2015
The Greek struggle has only just started, and we need to learn the lessons of its opening phase, writes Alex Callinicos.

Hundreds debate Syriza and socialist strategy

03 March 2015
Up to 300 people came to a debate on Syriza and socialist strategy in central London on Wednesday of last week. The debate was organised by the International Socialism journal (ISJ).

Splits in Syriza after leaders sign deal for more austerity

03 March 2015
Greece’s left wing government began a new test last week as it returned from eurozone negotiations to face its supporters at home.

New Greek deal turns the screws on Syriza

24 February 2015
As a European Union deal locks Greece into austerity, workers plan more protests, writes Dave Sewell

Greece deal is about more than just debt

24 February 2015
There was something very peculiar about the agreement thrashed out between Greece’s radical left Syriza-led government and the Eurogroup of finance ministers. 

Workers tell Syriza, 'Don't go back'

17 February 2015
A wave of protests swept Greece last Sunday. The biggest was outside the Greek parliament in Athens’ Syntagma Square—and the shift in mood was clear.

Europe’s rulers try to force Greece's left government into a climbdown

17 February 2015
The European Union’s (EU) rulers and the bosses are determined to make sure last month’s Greek election counts for nothing.

Bankers pile pressure on Greece as Syriza challenges European Union

10 February 2015
Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras laid out his government’s policy on Sunday of last week, as parliament opened for the first time since the elections.

Thousands protest in Athens against bullying bankers

06 February 2015
Thousands of protesters rallied at short notice outside the Greek parliament in Athens last night, Thursday, against the bullying of Europe’s top banker.

Syriza and the state

03 February 2015
Alex Callinicos looks at the challenges facing Greece’s new left government—and the ideas behind its strategy

Greek workers shouldn’t pay the bankers’ debts

03 February 2015
People in Greece are furious that austerity is being imposed on them in exchange for bailouts of the government’s debt to the bankers.

Syriza plans for end to austerity—and the rich fight back

03 February 2015
 Workers rejoiced in Greece as the new government led by radical left party Syriza announced its first moves last week

Things they say - Greece

27 January 2015
‘In normal times, and in a normal country, Syriza would be a joke party on the furthest fringes of the ultra-Left’

Ed Miliband's response to Syriza victory is shameful

27 January 2015
There were no congratulations for Syriza from Labour leader Ed Miliband.

Who are the Independent Greeks?

27 January 2015
Syriza’s new coalition partner, the Independent Greeks or Anel, is a split from the Tory New Democracy. 

As Greece rejects austerity - we can do it here

27 January 2015
The Greek election result is an inspiring boost to everyone fighting the warped priorities of the bosses and the Tories. 

Antarsya candidate on where next after Greece's election

27 January 2015
Giorgos Pittas, a candidate for the anti?capitalist coalition Antarsya, spoke to Socialist Worker about the key priorities after Sunday’s election.

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