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Austerity provokes a summer of resistance across Europe

29 June 2010
A general strike brought Greece to a halt on Tuesday.

Eurozone: How can we solve the crisis?

08 June 2010
Greece is in revolt over attempts to make the working class pay for the economic crisis with huge cuts to public spending.

The potential to shut Greece down

25 May 2010
The price of the so-called "rescue" of Greece is massive austerity for working people. This is coming up against resistance from the most militant working class in Europe.

Greek myths and realities: Economic crisis and resistance

18 May 2010
Greek workers are at the forefront of resistance to the world’s rulers’ plans to make ordinary people suffer for capitalism’s crisis. The country’s government is pushing through vicious austerity measures at the behest of the European Union and the International Monetary Fund.

Spirit of Greece comes to Dublin as 2,000 march on parliament

13 May 2010
Two thousand people braved lashing rain to march to the Dail (parliament) in Dublin, southern Ireland, on Tuesday to protest at the Bank Bail-Out.

New bailout is blood transfusion for rich

11 May 2010
The European Union (EU) and IMF are ready to hand another $1 trillion to the bankers while demanding an intensification of the assault on Greek workers.

Greek workers say: ‘We won’t pay’

11 May 2010
The movement against the austerity measures being imposed on the Greek people is gaining momentum – despite the deaths of three bank workers during a protest last week.

Greek protester: 'How I stormed TV studio'

11 May 2010
‘We went to the ERT national TV channel because we heard the minister of education was going to be on a live programme to talk about the new education law.

How can Greek workers beat the IMF?

11 May 2010
The mass resistance to the cuts being imposed by the Greek government and the International Monet­ary Fund (IMF) is shaking the international ruling class. But it needs to escalate rapidly if workers are to win.

Greece shows how we can resist the cuts

07 May 2010
turmoil was growing on the stock markets as a hung parliament became the most likely outcome of the general election in Britain.

US shares plummet over fears of European instability

06 May 2010
While we are watching the election results, there’s a stark reminder of the fragility of the economic "recovery". US shares have plummeted amid fears that the turmoil in Greece could spread to other parts of Europe.

Greek strike and protests rock the government

06 May 2010
Wednesday’s general strike against austerity in Greece shut the country down and saw huge protests in every town and city. Panos Garganas, the editor of the Workers Solidarity newspaper in Greece, told Socialist Worker how the attempt to use the tragic deaths of three bank workers in a fire in Athens to quieten the movement has not succeeded

Greek bank worker speaks out after Athens fire deaths

06 May 2010
A Marfin bank worker has issued this statement following the death of three colleagues in a fire on Wednesday at the bank in Athens

Picture of Greek solidarity protest in London

05 May 2010

Greek workers aren't lazy: ‘We are stretched and stressed’

04 May 2010
Europe’s press and politicians have attempted to portray ordinary Greeks as lazy and ill deserving of being bailed out.

Capitalist debt is crushing Greece

04 May 2010
The Greek economy is caught in the vice of the capitalist system.

Greeks rise up against IMF cuts

04 May 2010
Greece is aflame with strikes and mass struggle. All public sector workers struck on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. Private sector workers joined them on Wednesday creating another general strike – the fourth this year.

Greek crisis could be Britain's future

27 April 2010
Greek workers are at the centre of the global battle to decide which class will pay for the economic crisis.

Rulers' fear as world becomes less stable

13 April 2010
WORLD RULERS are in crisis. A revolution erupts in Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia, in Russia’s "backyard". An open Nazi party takes nearly one in five votes in the first round of the Hungarian elections. In Thailand, a mass movement shakes the regime. In Greece, the fear of meltdown forces the EU to offer emergency funds—at a price.

EU loan deal won't solve Greek crisis

13 April 2010
Greece is back in the eye of the storm—if it ever went away. European leaders this week agreed to loan the government up to £26.4 billion, if it asks for it.

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