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Solidarity tour with Greek worker

30 March 2010
The Right to Work campaign organised a highly successful tour of Britain by a Greek worker last week. It brought together trade unionists and campaigners to discuss resistance to the attacks on working people.

Doctors strike in Greece

30 March 2010

EU leaders united on need for cuts in Greece

23 March 2010
European Union leaders all agree that deep cuts are needed—but they are sharply divided over how to slash Greek workers’ living standards.

Activists' diary

16 March 2010
Friday 19 MarchDefend Council Housing annual conferenceTUC, Great Russell St, London, WC1B. <a href="">»</a>Tuesday 23 March to Friday 26 March, Greek workers resist austerity: What lessons for Britain?Vasilis Sylaidis gives an eyewitness account of the recent Greek general strikes at Right to Work meetings in London, Manchester, Glasgow and Dundee. <a href="">»</a> Saturday 10 April,

‘Some Greek workers are continuing the fight beyond the general strikes’

16 March 2010
The general strike in Greece on Thursday of last week was even more powerful than the one on 24 February.

Greece: ‘They took our jobs–now we’ve taken their office’

16 March 2010
On the eve of Greece’s third general strike last week, Panepistimiou Street in Athens was packed with several hundred people, huddled around lit braziers.

Biggest general strike yet paralyses Greece

11 March 2010
Union leaders hailed today’s general strike as a complete success. Public services ground to a halt in all major cities from Alexandroupoli in the north to Sitia in the south. Public and private sector workers both joined the action.

Michael Foot’s nationalist spirit lives on in Greece's government

09 March 2010
The hypocrisy of the British media can still surprise. Look at the warmth with which they bade farewell to Michael Foot when he died last week, after they had vilified him while he was leader of the Labour Party between 1980 and 1983.

Picture of police attack on Greek left wing politician

09 March 2010

Greek strikes show the way to resist here

09 March 2010
Greek workers have stepped up their resistance to cuts while politicians and bosses are demanding more.

Greece: Millions to strike tomorrow against new austerity plans

04 March 2010
Greek workers are to strike for three hours tomorrow in response to the government’s intensification of its austerity measures. George Papandreou, the prime minister, announced yesterday that he would cut public sector workers’ annual bonuses by 30 percent, increase VAT by 2 percent and freeze state-funded pensions.

Into battle to stop the cuts

02 March 2010
The Greek spirit of resistance will come to Britain next week when hundreds of thousands of civil service workers strike for two days.

'The left made unions act'

02 March 2010
Workers’ anger has pulled Greek trade union leaders behind a growing wave of resistance.

Greek workers lead the fight against cuts

02 March 2010
Olli Rehn, the European Union (EU) monetary affairs commissioner, flew to Greece this week to demand that the government implements even more severe austerity measures.

Greece's fight sheds light on a wider crisis in Europe

02 March 2010
At one level, the Greek crisis is a familiar tale of market blackmail and bullying. Through giving up its own currency and joining the euro, Greece attached itself to one of the world’s major economies, Germany.

Pictures of the Greek general strike

26 February 2010

General strike shuts down Greece

24 February 2010
The usually bustling pavements of central Athens are almost deserted today.

Spirit of resistance is spreading from Greece

23 February 2010
Europe is in turmoil. Bosses are desperate to force workers to pay for the economic crisis.

Forward to a general strike in Greece

16 February 2010
There is a lot of anger among workers here. This was to be expected in a country that had put up fierce resistance to attacks by the previous Tory government.

Greece: ‘War on the capitalist’

16 February 2010
The Greek workers who struck and marched last week are our sisters and brothers in a crucial battle. At stake is who will pay for the crisis, and who will meet the bill for the bailout of the bankers.

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