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Greece: Millions to strike tomorrow against new austerity plans

04 March 2010
Greek workers are to strike for three hours tomorrow in response to the government’s intensification of its austerity measures. George Papandreou, the prime minister, announced yesterday that he would cut public sector workers’ annual bonuses by 30 percent, increase VAT by 2 percent and freeze state-funded pensions.

Greek workers lead the fight against cuts

02 March 2010
Olli Rehn, the European Union (EU) monetary affairs commissioner, flew to Greece this week to demand that the government implements even more severe austerity measures.

Greece's fight sheds light on a wider crisis in Europe

02 March 2010
At one level, the Greek crisis is a familiar tale of market blackmail and bullying. Through giving up its own currency and joining the euro, Greece attached itself to one of the world’s major economies, Germany.

Into battle to stop the cuts

02 March 2010
The Greek spirit of resistance will come to Britain next week when hundreds of thousands of civil service workers strike for two days.

'The left made unions act'

02 March 2010
Workers’ anger has pulled Greek trade union leaders behind a growing wave of resistance.

Pictures of the Greek general strike

26 February 2010

General strike shuts down Greece

24 February 2010
The usually bustling pavements of central Athens are almost deserted today.

Spirit of resistance is spreading from Greece

23 February 2010
Europe is in turmoil. Bosses are desperate to force workers to pay for the economic crisis.

Battle lines drawn across Europe

16 February 2010
Europe’s politicians and bosses are targeting Greece. They are trying to bulldoze through devastating cuts.

European bosses up the pressure

16 February 2010
The pressure on Greek workers intensified in the days following last week’s strike.

Forward to a general strike in Greece

16 February 2010
There is a lot of anger among workers here. This was to be expected in a country that had put up fierce resistance to attacks by the previous Tory government.

Greece: ‘War on the capitalist’

16 February 2010
The Greek workers who struck and marched last week are our sisters and brothers in a crucial battle. At stake is who will pay for the crisis, and who will meet the bill for the bailout of the bankers.

Greek workers won’t pay for bosses’ crisis

09 February 2010
Workers across Greece’s public sector are set to strike over cuts on Wednesday and Thursday of this week.

Greece’s crisis is a warning to the world

15 December 2009
Greece is braced for major struggle. Its government, which is deeply mired in the economic crisis, is planning a major assault on public spending.


01 December 2009

Brutal police raid on refugees in Greece

21 July 2009
I will never forget what happened on Sunday 12 July, when the Greek police destroyed a refugee camp in Patras, the country’s fourth biggest city.

Greek left’s obstacles and opportunities

14 July 2009
The eyes of Europe were focused on Greece after the revolt that broke out here last December.

Afghanistan’s disasters of war

05 May 2009
The Hydra in Greek mythology was a beast with nine heads. When one was cut off another two would grow in its place. This is an apt description of the West’s dilemma in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Greek protests continue to pressurise government

03 February 2009
Farmers’ protests in Greece have increased the pressure on the country’s right wing government, which had already been rocked by riots, strikes and protests in December.

Students and revolt

23 January 2009
Greece, Italy, Spain, Ireland. The last two months have seen a new upsurge of student struggles, leading French president Nicolas Sarkozy to recall the student uprising in Paris in May 1968. He warned his fellow rulers of a "European 1968".

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