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‘We are still on the streets in Greece’

06 January 2009
Greece’s right wing government is facing a hot new year. The mass movement that rocked the country after the police killing of 15-year-old Alexandros Grigoropoulos on 6 December is to take to the streets again on Friday of this week.

Greece: anti-racist march another sign of the anger

21 December 2008
Over 2,000 people took to the streets of Athens on Saturday 20 December against the Greek state’s attacks on migrants. The march was a sign of the deepening anger in the country against the right wing New Democracy government.

Greece's hot winter of protest continues

19 December 2008
Mass protests and strikes are continuing in Greece, two weeks after the police killing of 15 year old Alexandros Grigoropoulos. The mass movement that has taken to the streets has intensified the pressure on the right wing New Democracy government. Alexandros’s killing has become a focus for all the general discontent in society.

Greece: the struggle continues

15 December 2008
The anger that exploded in Greece following the police killing of 15 year old Alexandros Grigoropoulos is still raging.

1973: the student uprising that drove out the colonels in Greece

15 December 2008
One of the high points of resistance in Greece is the Athens Polytechnic uprising of 1973, which helped to sweep away the right wing dictatorship that ruled the country.

Voices from the Greek struggle

15 December 2008
Yiannis Theoharis Yiannis Theoharis is a member of the steering committee of the union of workers of the Intracom telecoms company in Athens

Greece in revolt

15 December 2008
The current struggle in Greece is the latest in a long line of battles against different governments. Both the centre-left Pasok party and the right wing New Democracy party have tried to attack workers’ rights – and they have always faced resistance.

Greek mass movement rises up against the state

09 December 2008
The furious response to the police killing of a 15 year old boy in Athens last Saturday has seen mass protests, strikes and student walkouts rock Greece's right wing government.

Europe’s growing wave of resistance to the crisis

04 November 2008
Greece Greece is still in the grip of a growing strike wave in opposition to the right wing government’s attempts to pass the costs of the economic crisis onto working people.


03 June 2008

Greek strikes against privatisation

20 May 2008

From Persian conquest to modern slaughter

13 May 2008
When Alexander the Great’s army captured Persepolis, the capital of the Persian Empire, in 331 BC, the treasure seized was equivalent to 300 times the annual income of the richest city in Greece.

A historic victory for the left in Cyprus

01 March 2008
A defeat for Greek Cypriot nationalism and neoliberalism Dimitris Christofias won the presidential runoff in Southern Cyprus on Sunday 24 February. He took 53 percent of the vote in an unprecedented victory for the island’s Communist AKEL party, beating the conservative Yiannis Kasoulides, who polled 46 percent.

General strike victory in Greece

17 December 2007
The employment minister responsible for implementing controversial pension reforms in Greece, Vassilis Magginas, resigned last Saturday following a general strike that brought the country to a standstill.

Europe fights against war

04 December 2007
Delegates from Greece, Italy and Poland all reported that their governments were responding to the anti‑war movement with authoritarian measures.

Greek election sees drop in support for ruling party

18 September 2007
The general election in Greece last weekend saw the ruling right wing New Democracy party retain power with a reduced majority.

Greek fires threaten to engulf Tories

28 August 2007
The Greek Tory government has been increasingly blamed for what many see as an avoidable tragedy as forest fires continued to rage, killing at least 63 people.

50,000 Greek students protest in Athens

03 March 2007
Around 50,000 students took to the streets of Athens, Greece, on Thursday of last week against the right wing government’s plans to introduce new managers into universities. A huge movement of strikes and occupations has stopped the government changing the constitution to allow private universities, so the government plans to introduce changes by stealth. More demonstrations were planned for Thursday of this week.

Greek movement increases pressure on right

10 February 2007
The resistance to the Greek Tory government’s plans for the privatisation of higher education has forced the Pasok opposition party to withdraw its support for the proposals. Pasok is a New Labour-type party.

Greek student movement fights neoliberal privatisation plans

20 January 2007
Some 240 university departments across Greece are being occupied by their students in a wave of action that is threatening to derail the right wing New Democracy government.

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