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A hot autumn lies ahead in Greece

01 July 2006
The struggle against the right wing Greek government’s privatisation plan for education is continuing.

Greek students win, but they want more

24 June 2006
Thousands of students took to the streets of Greece on Thursday of last week to celebrate their first big victory against neo-liberal attacks on higher education by the right wing government.

ESF in Greece will see beginning of a hot summer of struggle

06 May 2006
Activists from all over Europe and the Middle East will arrive in Athens this week to participate in the 4th European Social Forum (ESF).

Greek general strike

25 March 2006
A banner denouncing attacks on pensions leads Greek workers, marching during a general strike against attacks on collective pay bargaining last Wednesday.

Port action makes Greek Tory government seasick

04 March 2006
Seafarers were ordered to return to their jobs last week by a special "civilian conscription" decree signed by Kostas Karamanlis, the Tory prime minister of Greece. This was an attempt to break a week long strike which has paralysed the country.

Greek phone tap scandal erupts

11 February 2006
A huge scandal associated with the "war on terror" is rocking Greece’s Tory government following revelations that about 100 mobile phones, including the prime minister’s, were tapped.

International round-up

21 January 2006
Protest over torture in Greece Support was growing this week across the Greek labour movement for a demonstration this Saturday over the torture of Pakistani immigrants by the intelligence agency last summer.

Pressure is on Greek minister

14 January 2006
Pressure is on Greek minister

Greek activists force minister’s resignation

14 January 2006
Christos Markogiannakis, the Greek deputy minister for public order, was forced to resign on Tuesday of this week in the wake of the scandal over the kidnap and torture of 28 Pakistani immigrants by Greek secret services and MI6 last year.

Immigrants tortured in Greece as MI6 watched

07 January 2006
The British foreign office has been forced to admit that a senior MI6 officer was present at the interrogation of Pakistani immigrants who were illegally seized in Greece. The 28 men were abducted from their homes then beaten and psychologically tortured.

G8 Diary

02 July 2005
Friday 1 JulyG8 Alternatives opening rally5.30pm, Queens Hall, Edinburgh University. Speakers include Dennis Brutus, Haidi Giuliani, Bill Speirs, Mark Ruskell, Trevor Ngwane, Eamonn McCann.International Socialist Tendency meeting7.30pm, Gillis Centre, 100 Strathearn Road, Edinburgh EH9. Speakers include Petros Constantinou from Greece’s SEK, Chris Bambery from Socialist Worker, and a speaker from Spain’s En Lucha.

Solid strikes rock Greek Tories

25 June 2005
Greece was heading for a general strike on Friday of this week in a further sign of the Europe-wide rebellion against neo-liberalism. Over 50,000 bank workers have been on strike for over two weeks.

New Tory government faces strike movement

30 October 2004
A ONE-DAY strike across most of the public sector in Greece last week signalled a serious confrontation with the Tory government of Costas Karamanlis, which is barely six months old.

Iraq war as Greek tragedy

22 May 2004
I WAS relieved that Troy is not a film that glorifies war. Amid the sumptuous costumes, it is a film full of human sadness, of people caught up in a war that they do not want and have no control over. As well as showing opposition to war through sympathy with characters who face death and destruction, it draws striking comparisons between Homer's Iliad and Iraq today.

Greek New Labour loses election

13 March 2004
THE GREEK centre-left party that pursued Blairite policies for four years was swept out of office at last Sunday's general election. New Democracy, the Tory party, took 47 percent of the vote to 41 percent for Pasok, equivalent to the Labour Party in Britain.

Oppose all barriers that divide workers

21 February 2004
Last week's story was that 20 Chinese cockle pickers drowned in Morecambe Bay, the youngest a girl aged 15. Of the survivors, nine were asylum seekers. They had been living in squalid conditions in Liverpool, sleeping on mattresses on the floor, with little food and poor heating. This week another story. Roma workers from northern Greece fled from a daffodil farm in Cornwall under police escort. They claimed they'd been beaten, threatened and left unpaid. The men were housed in army tents, the women in a windowless cattle shed.

Greece: another warmonger visit axed

25 October 2003
US SECRETARY of State Colin Powell was forced to cancel a visit to Greece due to take place on Wednesday of this week. He had arranged to meet the Greek prime minister in the capital, Athens. But anti-war campaigners, as here, found a huge response to protests they called to stop Powell.

World in brief

18 October 2003
Police join strikes TENS OF thousands of public sector workers are in the middle of a major strike wave over pay in Greece. Prime minister Costas Simitis said there is no money for pay rises, in part because of the spiralling cost of next year's Athens Olympics.

Thousands join Greek protests

28 June 2003
UP TO 70,000 people took part in the protests outside the European Union summit near Salonika, Greece, last weekend. "It was a tremendous sight as people came together down the seafront in the centre of the city," says Panos Garganas, editor of Socialist Worker's sister paper in Greece, Workers Solidarity.

Prisoners in revolt

11 January 2003
A POLITICAL explosion reminiscent of the fall of the Berlin Wall is shaking Cyprus. It has the potential to overcome the tragic division of the island's people along ethnic lines-Turks in a state in the north, Greeks in the south. It could also challenge Greece and Turkey, which, along with former colonial power Britain, have fostered those divisions.

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