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Border controls tighten as EU elite show true colours

01 March 2016
European Union (EU) states turned on each other last week in a bid to keep out refugees.

Syrian refugees stuck at Turkish and EU borders

09 February 2016
Tens of thousands of people are fleeing Syria’s second city Aleppo to gather at refugee camps around the Oncupinar gate on the border with Turkey.

Biggest general strike in years defies Syriza's pension cuts in Greece

04 February 2016
The huge general strike rally in Athens today, Thursday, was probably the biggest since 2011 and the summer of mass occupations of public squares.

Syriza one year on - what went wrong?

02 February 2016
The celebration that followed left party Syriza’s election last year has given way to bitterness, says Dave Sewell

Syriza faces nationwide strike against pension cut in Greece

02 February 2016
Workers in Greece were set to take part in a general strike to defend their pensions, reports Dave Sewell

Protesters in Greece rage against treatment of refugees—and demand fences are torn down

25 January 2016
Anti-racists from all over Greece marched on the border with Turkey last Sunday demanding safe passage for refugees.

'In our countries we aren't safe—so I preferred to risk death on the water' How refugees in Athens risked death on the seas

22 January 2016
Dozens of people died early this morning, Friday, as their wooden boats sank off the coasts of Greek islands.

Refugees in Calais are forced from the ‘jungle’ into a prison

19 January 2016
Less than 100 miles from London, the French authorities are using threats of violence to corral refugees into a new prison camp.

Greek lawyers stage indefinite strike against pension cuts

15 January 2016
Lawyers across Greece began an indefinite strike yesterday, Thursday, against pension cuts the Syriza government is pushing through to appease its creditors. Up to 15,000 lawyers and supporters marched through the streets of the capital Athens.

Syrians fleeing war deported from Lebanon after EU-Turkey deal

12 January 2016
Over 250 refugees were deported from Beirut airport in Lebanon to Syria on Friday of last week.

Protest blocks Greek Golden Dawn Nazis

15 December 2015
Anti-fascists marched through the port town of Piraeus, Greece, to stop an event by the fascist Golden Dawn party last Sunday.

Poor choice for voters in the Spanish State as Podemos shifts to the right

15 December 2015
Andy Durgan looks at the roots of the political crisis gripping Spain—and says this month’s election won’t resolve the turmoil

Greek general strike provokes political crisis

03 December 2015
As Greece’s parliament debates its budget, workers held the second general strike in a month today, Thursday.

Greek prime minister Tsipras in crisis as mass strike looms

01 December 2015
Workers across Greece were set to walk out for a general strike on Thursday of this week.

Europe's rulers find billions for clampdown on refugees

01 December 2015
Many migrants trapped at Europe’s borders are resisting attempts to keep them out, says Dave Sewell

International round-up

24 November 2015
Right wing candidate Mauricio Macri narrowly won the second round of Argentina’s presidential election last Sunday.

Fury after footage shows attack on refugee dinghy by Greek coastguard

24 November 2015
Greek coastguards appeared to be deliberately trying to sink refugee boats in shock footage released by the Turkish government last week.

Big protests during Greek general strike shows workers' willingness to fight austerity

12 November 2015
The general strike in Greece today, Thursday, was a bigger success than anyone expected. No boats, no trains and no planes moved. In Athens the Metro stopped all day, as did buses in the morning and evening.

Greece: Creditors hold Tsipras to ransom as general strike looms

10 November 2015
Workers across Greece were set to walk out in a general strike on Thursday of this week against deep cuts to their pensions.

Greek strike wave continues the fight against austerity deal

03 November 2015
Shipping workers began a two-day strike at ports across Greece at 6am on Monday of this week. At the port of Piraeus near Athens it was 100 percent successful—not a single ferry went in or out.

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