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Greek workers resist austerity in fresh strikes

04 August 2015
Train services were cancelled across Greece on Monday of this week, as rail workers held a five hour strike.

Syriza left needs to fight against deal

04 August 2015
Anyone who imagined that Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras’ capitulation to the European Union (EU) in July would end the Greek crisis was kidding themselves. Unfortunately this is more because of what Europe’s rulers are doing than resistance from Syriza.

Syriza government blackmails rebel MPs as institutions return to Greece

28 July 2015
Officials from Greece’s hated “Troika” of creditors returned to Athens on Tuesday of this week, six months after the new left government kicked them out.

Political crisis brings new challenges in Greece

21 July 2015
Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras sacked the three ministers of Syriza’s Left Platform who had voted against the first round of austerity measures last week.

Greek MPs to vote on more cuts as fightback set to grow

21 July 2015
MPs were set to vote on the second round of austerity measures in Greece’s new bailout package on Wednesday of this week.

Greece's royal coup - lessons of the July Days

21 July 2015
The current battle against unelected institutions in Greece isn’t the first. Dave Sewell looks at the July Days in 1965—and how that movement could have won

Greek workers strike and MPs rebel as government votes for austerity

16 July 2015
Striking public sector workers marched through Athens yesterday, Wednesday.

New austerity deal in Greece will make the crisis worse

14 July 2015
Eurozone leaders have pushed Greece’s government into a terrible austerity deal, writes Dave Sewell

Mass strike in Greece—workers resist EU blackmail

14 July 2015
Furious workers across Greece were preparing to walk out against a crippling new austerity package imposed by Europe’s rulers as Socialist Worker went to press.

Greek unions call strike to beat a new austerity deal

14 July 2015
Workers had an immediate response to the Greek government’s surrender to its creditors—meeting within hours to call a public sector mass strike.

Failure of reformism led to Greek tragedy

14 July 2015
The agreement in Greece has been widely described as a coup—and in some ways it is.

Defy Europe’s bosses—organise resistance

14 July 2015
Both the deal imposed on Greece’s government and the Tories’ latest budget are dripping with spite. The demands of the European Union (EU) leaders stand out for their petty details.

OXI vote boosts Greek workers’ confidence

07 July 2015
People in Greece are elated with the referendum result. They have said no to austerity and showed they are prepared to stand up to the bankers’ pressure.

Greek bailout money goes back into the bosses’ pockets

07 July 2015
The money Greece receives goes straight back into the pockets of bankers who loaned it. That’s where the roots of the crisis lie.

Workers in Greece defy bankers’ blackmail

07 July 2015
Millions refused to be bullied—now their struggle can inspire resistance, writes Dave Sewell in Athens

Up yours bankers—Greek workers say ‘OXI’

07 July 2015
Celebrations took place in Syntagma Square in front of the Greek parliament and around the surrounding streets long into the night last Sunday.

Building on OXI vote can win real change

07 July 2015
There are historical moments when the normal rush of events comes to a standstill. These are often occasions when the usual relations of power are reversed, the mighty humbled, and the poor and needy uplifted.

Eyewitness in Athens: 'People have said no to austerity – and it's only the start'

05 July 2015
Celebrations are breaking out all over Greece tonight, Sunday, as the results of today's referendum come in – with a resounding No to the EU and IMF’s proposed austerity package.

Eyewitness in Athens: No voter says, 'The politicians who support yes are the ones who got us here'

05 July 2015
The outcome of Greece’s referendum on a proposed new austerity package was balanced on a knife edge as polls opened this morning, Sunday.

Eyewitness in Athens: Hundreds of thousands-strong No rally defies bankers' blackmail

04 July 2015
Hundreds of thousands of people crammed into central Athens' Syntagma Square last night, Friday, for the official no campaign's rally ahead of Sunday's austerity referendum. 

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