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Brexit chaos means trouble for Johnson

Brexit chaos means trouble for Johnson Boris Johnson won the 2019 general election by promising to “get Brexit done”. Like all his other promises, this was broken.

How the Corn Laws split the ruling class

How the Corn Laws split the ruling class It has been 175 years since the repeal of the Corn Laws. Isabel Ringrose explores how the bosses’ arguments over trade can open the door for working class resistance

Tories bank on Brexit divides in Ireland

Tories bank on Brexit divides in Ireland Why did the Northern Ireland protocol to the Brexit agreement between Britain and the European Union figure so large at the G7 summit in Cornwall?

Bigots in the DUP use Brexit to whip up vile sectarianism

Bigots in the DUP use Brexit to whip up vile sectarianism Tory Brexit and bigotry are making for a potentially dangerous situation in Northern Ireland.

Vaccine nationalism will endanger us all

Vaccine nationalism will endanger us all Farcical aspects aside, the row over the European Union’s vaccine supplies reveals the inability of the present system to manage the Covid-19 pandemic.

Don’t back Tory Brexit deal—or line up with the European Union

Don’t back Tory Brexit deal—or line up with the European Union Tory claims about an approaching glorious future after the trade deal with the European Union are nonsense.  

Five articles on Brexit

24 December 2020
It’s impossible at this stage to give a proper analysis of the new Brexit deal. But here are five articles that give the background.

Ordinary people forced to pay for politicians’ Brexit wrangling

14 December 2020
The chaotic Tory handling of Brexit limps on towards further potential disasters

The political choices behind hard Brexit

14 December 2020
Whether or not there is a trade deal between Britain and the European Union, we will experience a hard Brexit, with a fair degree of economic disruption. Such an outcome was not inevitable

Brexit could have meant more than this

07 December 2020
The Tories and Boris Johnson desperately continued their faltering attempts to broker a Brexit trade deal this week.

What lies behind the divisions over Brexit?

07 December 2020
It’s anyone’s guess whether Britain and the European Union (EU) can reach an agreement on their new trading relationship, which is due to start on 1 January. 

Can Johnson survive Covid-19 and Brexit?

19 October 2020
Weak and nasty” has been a good description of all Tory governments since the fall of Margaret Thatcher nearly 30 years ago. None fit this description better than Boris Johnson’s administration.

International law is made for capitalism

14 September 2020
International law helps to regulate the relations between capitalist states. It plays an increasingly important role in providing a framework for the activities of transnational corporation

The story of how Corbyn’s compromises led to defeat

11 September 2020
Left Out is a book for people who think Keir Starmer is doing a good job. But it also holds some valuable lessons for genuine socialists—and hard truths about the Labour Party.

Brexit bluster can’t hide Tories’ EU troubles

07 September 2020
A year ago Brexit dominated the headlines to the point of utter tedium. Now, of course, it’s the Covid-19 pandemic, which is too deadly to tolerate boredom. But Brexit is mounting a comeback, with a vengeance.

Priti Patel announces new racist regulation

14 July 2020
The Tories’ new points-based system comes alongside brutal attacks on refugees, writes Sophie Squire

Nissan workers protest against pensions attack

14 July 2020
Hundreds of workers at the Nissan car plant in Sunderland protested on Saturday against attacks on their pension scheme.

Why Corbyn couldn’t beat capital

31 March 2020
As Jeremy Corbyn ends his time as Labour leader, Nick Clark looks at the impact he has had—and why any attempts by Labour to change the system will be limited

Letters - Population Matters replies

24 February 2020
We published an article on 7 January which Population Matters believes mischaracterises its position on a number of issues, and we have agreed to publish the following letter-

Letters—Is HS2 good news for planet or environmental disaster?

10 February 2020
The development of railways is needed to take cars and much lorry traffic off heavily-polluting, CO2-creating, dangerous roads.

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