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Theresa May survives confidence vote, but her Brexit crisis continues

16 January 2019
Theresa May’s government survived a no confidence motion on Wednesday night by the votes of 325 MPs to 306.

Theresa May’s deal defeated in record vote - now fight to get rid of the Tories

15 January 2019
The shattering defeat for Theresa May’s Brexit deal on Tuesday has to mean the end for her as prime minister and lead to an immediate general election.

Brexit crisis should be shaped by action on the streets

15 January 2019
The Tories are in crisis and they have no easy way out

Struggle can break paralysis on Brexit

15 January 2019
A thin ray of light shone through the Brexit tangle last week. Two government defeats in the House of Commons marked the moment when Theresa May definitively lost control of the parliamentary process governing Britain’s departure from the European Union (EU).

Letters: We shouldn’t pay—fight for right of EU migrants to stay

14 January 2019
We have a Tory government that takes any opportunity to make racist policies.

Will no-deal Brexit mean chaos on the Kent coast?

11 January 2019
Politicians, bosses and the press are panicking about the prospect of a no-deal Brexit. It’s driven by fears that leaving the European Union (EU) will hit firms’ profits.

How can the left get its voice heard over Brexit?

08 January 2019
What machinations will May pull to get out of her crisis? And what should the left do to force her out? Tomáš Tengely-Evans says the key is a fight against racism and austerity

Tories in crisis—but Labour is paralysed

18 December 2018
Theresa May’s government hangs by a thread. But she won’t go unless she is pushed

Theresa May survives to lose another day

12 December 2018
Over a third of Tory MPs voted against May, emphasising that she cannot pass her Brexit deal through parliament.

May’s Brexit deal has her government on the ropes

11 December 2018
The Tories are on the ropes. Determined resistance could finish them off.

A ‘people’s vote’ is a bad alternative for Labour

04 December 2018
Jeremy Corbyn is inching towards backing a second referendum over Brexit

Crisis for Theresa May as vote on Brexit deal looms

04 December 2018
Nobody at the top of society knows what will happen in British politics in the next two weeks—including Theresa May. A crisis has struck at the heart of the government and the Tories.

May’s frantic fight in Brexit deal vote

27 November 2018
Theresa May and big business are desperately trying to whip MPs into backing the Tory Brexit deal.

Letters—Oxford Union has helped to legitimise far right bigotry

27 November 2018
The Oxford Union, a posh private debating club for Oxford University students, invited far right guru Steve Bannon to speak a fortnight ago.

Don't give in on the rights of migrants

25 November 2018
Leading Leave and Remain supporters have found an issue that unites them—drawing up new ways to control immigration.

As Brexit chaos continues - grab this chance to push the Tories out

20 November 2018
Theresa May survived the first blasts of the Brexit crisis storm. But she still seems headed for disaster.

The Troublemaker—Brexit chaos special

20 November 2018
When the plot hits your eye like a big pizza pie you’re a Tory

Labour’s confusion over Europe could save May

20 November 2018
The Labour Party is struggling to unite around a single line from which to attack the Tories

Explained—why there is a crisis over Brexit now

20 November 2018
Rows over a new Brexit bill have intensified divisions among the Tories and the bosses. None of them want a way forward that will benefit working class people

What does global capital want out of a Brexit deal?

20 November 2018
Brexit has become, as numerous commentators have pointed out, a historic crisis of the British state

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