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Labour remains divided over second Brexit referendum

25 September 2018
Delegates at the Labour conference were set to vote on a motion that edges the party closer to supporting a second Brexit referendum on Tuesday.

Brexit didn’t drive Jaguar cuts

18 September 2018
One thousand Jaguar car workers in the West Midlands are to be put on a three-day week

Who would gain from a ‘People’s Vote’?

14 September 2018
There is growing momentum behind calls for a ‘People’s Vote’ over Brexit. Support ranges from big business and right wing liberals to left wingers and union leaders. Sadie Robinson and Sarah Bates look at the campaign’s aim and how socialists should respond

Trade unions join call for ‘People’s Vote’ on Brexit

11 September 2018
TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady fought to shift the union federation this week behind growing calls led by the right and big business for a “People’s Vote” on Brexit.

We need a fightback and a general election, not ‘People’s Vote’

09 September 2018
 TUC union federation general secretary Frances O’Grady joined growing calls led by the right and big business for a “People’s Vote” on a Brexit deal on Sunday. 

Car bosses’ Brexit threats expose their weakness

04 September 2018
Alistair Farrow looks at why car industry fat cats say they might move production abroad after Brexit

‘People’s Vote’ over Tory Brexit deal would divide the working class

04 September 2018
Theresa May danced on a tightrope over Brexit this summer.

Tories splinter as warnings of a no-deal Brexit grow

27 August 2018
Theresa May was forced to schedule an emergency cabinet meeting last Friday amid deepening Tory splits over Brexit.

Working class Brexit voters weren’t conned by Facebook

07 August 2018
The official Vote Leave campaign fell foul of spending rules. But focusing on it ignores why people voted out

What’s the deal or no deal Brexit row over?

07 August 2018
A year ago Liam Fox declared that striking a deal with the European Union (EU) would be “one of the easiest in human history”. This week the disgraced Tory minister was left with his tail between his legs.

The Troublemaker—Tories are stockpiling fear and confusion in their Brexit crisis

31 July 2018
Brexit fever is gripping the corridors of Westminster—the latest symptom is potential shortages

As May clings on—don’t wait to drive her out

24 July 2018
In what she probably regards as a great achievement, Theresa May has made it through to parliament’s summer break.

Fight the Tories’ vision of Brexit

17 July 2018
Theresa May found a new way of avoiding defeat in parliament over Brexit this week. She told Tory MPs who agreed with her to vote with those opposing her.

Support for migrants is on the increase, survey shows

12 July 2018
A growing number of people think that immigration has had a positive impact on British society.

Don’t fight for a second EU referendum - fight to get the rotten Tories out

10 July 2018
Some say the Tories are making such a mess of Brexit that it would be better to retreat from it altogether.

Resignations mean deep crisis for Theresa May—now get her out

09 July 2018
The resignations of Boris Johnson and David Davis have shattered Theresa May’s hopes of Tory unity

A tradition of global solidarity

06 July 2018
Some on the left argue that defending the EU is about the values of cooperation. But the history of international working class struggle is very different

Tories are in open war as MPs threaten splits

03 July 2018
Theresa May is caught beteween big business’s fury and ‘blackmailing’ Brexiters

Brexit collaboration between unions and bosses is bad news for workers

27 June 2018
Whatever you think the way forward for workers is over Brexit, you can be sure it won’t come from collaboration between the unions and the bosses.

The EU stands for the few, not the many

26 June 2018
Labour’s leadership is “walking a tightrope” to get the right position on Brexit. That’s what shadow chancellor John McDonnell told Labour supporters at an event in central London last Saturday

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