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Cold truth of ‘warm’ welcome for Afghanistan refugees

12 October 2021
Desperate refugees and migrants who have overcome fearsome obstacles to reach Britain have been met with appalling treatment once here

Anti-racist conference will be ‘rallying cry’ against the right

07 October 2021
Anti-racists will debate how to take forward the fight against racism, the far right and fascism at an international conference on 16 and 17 October

Anti-racist outrage as Italian pro-refugee mayor jailed for over 13 years

06 October 2021
The former mayor of an Italian village who welcomed refugees has been sentenced to more than 13 years in jail for “abusing” migrant laws.

Tories house hundreds of asylum seekers in ‘unsafe’ south London building

30 September 2021
The Tories have housed “between 400 and 500” asylum seekers in a building that was deemed “not safe for use to house rough sleepers” earlier in the pandemic.

Cruel Tory asylum system awaits Afghan refugees

31 August 2021
The situation for Afghan refugees fleeing the Taliban and arriving in Britain is becoming ever more critical.

Don’t be fooled—there is money for refugees

24 August 2021
The right is spinning arguments against refugees coming to Britain. They claim there’s “no room” or “not enough money” to take them all in.

The filthy lies about Afghan refugees that the Tories will take from Australia

22 August 2021
Twenty years ago a rescue at sea by the Tampa ship was employed by the right wing Australian government to demonise Afghan refugees

‘Tories humiliate us’—Afghan refugee campaigner slams hypocrisy

21 August 2021
“It is Britain and America who should take responsibility for their failures.”

Border crossings, asylum and migration—the truth behind the headlines

25 July 2021
The Tories are stepping up their attacks on people who cross the Channel to seek safety of a better life. Some 8,461 migrants made the crossing in 2020—a figure that has already been reached this year.

Tory plan to deport Zimbabweans could be a ‘death sentence’

16 July 2021
The Tories are pressing ahead with more mass deportations.

Tories will make rescuing refugees a crime

10 July 2021
The Nationality and Borders Bill seeks to criminalise refugees over how they enter Britain. Refugees and activists spoke to Isabel Ringrose about the escalating attacks on refugee rights.

Close Napier barracks after court rules the site is damaging for refugees

03 June 2021
 Six refugees won a legal challenge against the government on Thursday.

Vile queen’s speech sets out Tories’ vicious agenda

11 May 2021
The Queen’s Speech read in parliament on Tuesday unveiled the Tories’ plans for future attacks.

Over 2,000 refugees die after EU state pushbacks

06 May 2021
More than 2,000 refugees have died during the pandemic as a result of illegal pushbacks by countries in the European Union (EU).

Victory as Penally camp closes, but keep up battle for refugee rights

18 March 2021
This is living proof that protesting against the Tories’ attempt to scapegoat refugees works

Refugees in Napier and Penally camps feel vindicated after damning report

10 March 2021
Refugees trapped in camps across Britain felt “depressed and hopeless at their circumstances”, according to the Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration (ICBI).

Home Office risked refugees’ lives in Napier barracks by ignoring health advice

19 February 2021
The Home Office ignored advice to not house asylum seekers in the ex-army barracks at Napier in Kent, the High Court has heard.

Tories lock refugees in a coronavirus ‘breeding ground’

01 February 2021
Asylum seekers held at an ex-army camp in Kent have protested against the appalling conditions they’ve been kept in during the Covid-19 pandemic

Anti-racists slam new Tory block on child refugees coming to Britain

27 January 2021
The Tory government has slammed the door shut on unaccompanied child refugees trying to make it to safety in Britain.

Majority of people not in favour of reduced immigration, says new poll

25 January 2021
A new survey has exposed the lie that the Tories’ racist immigration controls have popular support

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