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Activists take on merchants of death at east London’s DSEI arms fair

09 September 2021
Anti-war activists are staging protests and direct action outside a major arms fair in Newham, east London.

Israel hits protesters and aid in Palestine

24 August 2021
Palestinians resisting Israeli occupation have been shot at during protests, reports Nick Clark

Palestine solidarity activists take action at Israeli drone maker’s British headquarters

06 August 2021
At least two activists occupied an awning above the entrance to a building housing the British headquarters of Israel’s largest arms company on Friday.

Israeli settlers move to evict Palestinians

02 August 2021
Israel’s supreme court was set to rule on the eviction case that sparked the Palestinian uprising earlier this year, as Socialist Worker went to press.

Cage launch court challenge over right to raise Palestine in schools

02 August 2021
Rights organisation Cage is challenging the Tory education minister after he sent a letter to headteachers stifling students’ support for Palestine.

Cheers as Big Ride for Palestine arrives in east London

01 August 2021
At least 200 cyclists ended four days of cycling in solidarity with Palestine with a rally in east London on Sunday.

Brush Electrical workers told to sign contract by 24 July or be sacked + Clarks shoes + Palestine actions

13 July 2021
 Unions must stop this outrageous fire and rehire attack

Mass movements and direct action scare the state

12 July 2021
With many campaigns turning to militant direct action, Nick Clark argues that the tactic is more effective within a mass movement.

Protests rock African monarch’s reign in Eswatini

06 July 2021
Africa’s last absolute monarch, King Mswati III of Eswatini—formerly known as Swaziland—is facing a mass revolt.

Protesters show anger at Palestinian Authority

29 June 2021
The Palestinian Authority (PA) has launched a crackdown on protesters and activists in West Bank cities.

Palestine—is one state possible?

27 June 2021
The idea of a single-state solution in Palestine is gaining traction, but some say that ‘old hatreds’ make this impossible. Nick Clark argues that resistance can break the hold of reactionary ideas and lead to a Palestinian state

People’s Assembly march in London unites anger at Tories

26 June 2021
A left wing march of thousands of people through central London on Saturday brought together many strands of anger at the Tory government.

Letters—Why sexual harassment of young women is normalised

15 June 2021
I wasn’t surprised by the latest report describing the scale of sexual harassment faced by young women. No young woman would have been.

Protesters confront failing politicians at G7 summit

12 June 2021
Protesters raged at the G7 world leaders’ summit in Cornwall on Friday and Saturday at the start of a weekend of resistance.

Thousands march for Palestine in London as the G7 meets

12 June 2021
Around 8,000 protesters joined a rally outside Downing Street on Saturday to demand freedom for Palestine.

Palestine Action activists occupy drone factory in Runcorn

10 June 2021
Palestine solidarity activists have taken direct action against a firm supplying armaments to the Israeli state.

New Israeli leadership will continue Palestinian oppression

08 June 2021
Israel could soon have a government led by a prime minister who has insisted Palestinians can never be allowed a state of their own.

US dockers and campaigners block Israeli ship in solidarity with Palestine

05 June 2021
One activist said the action sent 'a clear message that Zionism, racism, apartheid and the occupation of Palestine will be met with resistance'

Letters—Profit amid Sri Lanka devastation

04 June 2021
My home land of Sri Lanka is being despoiled by people who put money first. A chemical-laden cargo ship sank off the coast near the city of Colombo last week.

Resistance gives hope of break from Tory ‘normal’

01 June 2021
Everyone wants to get back to normal. But what does that mean? For most people it means being able to go about daily life without restrictions and without fear of picking up and passing on the virus.

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