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Israeli murder in Gaza Strip

07 May 2019
Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu said his military is “preparing to continue” its violence in Gaza following an assault that killed at least 25 Palestinians.

Richard Burgon is right to criticise Zionism

23 April 2019
Labour’s shadow justice secretary Richard Burgon has faced calls to resign for describing Zionism—the ideology that is used to justify Palestinian oppression—as “the enemy of peace”.

The Parisian is a challenging debut novel about identity

16 April 2019
Isabella Hammad’s book is an ambituous examination of ideas of identity and colonialism without sacrificing its narrative, writes Gareth Jenkins

Attacks on Palestinians lay behind Netanyahu win

13 April 2019
Binyamin Netanyahu was re-elected as Israeli prime minister last week—and the result reflects the racist violence of the Israeli state, writes Nick Clark

Israeli elections spell trouble for Palestinians

09 April 2019
Results of elections in Israel were set to be announced as Socialist Worker went to press—with no good outcome for Palestinians.

Right to call Israel a racist state shut down at Harlow council

02 April 2019
A Labour council leader last week appeared to call a pro-Palestinian campaigner racist for criticising the state of Israel.

Solidarity with Palestine across Britain as Israel attacks Gaza protesters

30 March 2019
Thousands of people in Britain protested in solidarity with Palestinians as Israeli soldiers attacked a major demonstration at the fence between Gaza and Israel on Saturday.

Israel attacks Gaza

25 March 2019
Israel is gearing up to unleash more violence on Palestinians trapped in the Gaza Strip.

Join protest in solidarity with people in Palestine

18 March 2019
The Palestine Solidarity Campaign has called actions on 30 March to build an 11 May national demonstration. Socialist Worker spoke to its director Ben Jamal

‘Israel is for Jewish people alone,’ says its prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu

12 March 2019
Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu confirmed last week that Israel—the state founded on Palestinian land—doesn’t belong to its Palestinian citizens

Is opposing the Israeli state antisemitic?

09 March 2019
As Labour faces accusations of antisemitism, Nick Clark explains why the Israeli state is a racist endeavour and why solidarity with Palestine is crucial

UN slams Israel over Gaza protests

05 March 2019
Israel may have committed war crimes in its efforts to crush Palestinian protests in the Gaza Strip

Jeremy Corbyn and antisemitism

05 March 2019
An article from March that goes through in detail the claim that Corbyn has boosted antisemitism

Foxtrot film doesn’t dance to the Israeli state’s rhythm

05 March 2019
It was funded and then boycotted by the Israeli government, but Nick Clark argues that it reduces the occupation of Palestine to a story-telling device

‘I stood up to Blairite Ian Austin over Palestine and won’

03 March 2019
Dudley activist Paul Jonson was suspended from work over a Facebook post where he said Israel was a “racist endeavour”. He had joined a lobby of local MP Ian Austin. An unapologetic campaign won his reinstatement.

Labour leadership caves in to antisemitism smears against MP Chris Williamson

27 February 2019
The Labour Party has capitulated to intense pressure from the right and suspended MP Chris Williamson for standing up to smears against the left.

The right wing Labour split to attack Jeremy Corbyn and Palestine

26 February 2019
Right wing Labour MPs are using accusations of antisemitism up ramp up the pressure on Jeremy Corbyn.

No concessions to breakaway MPs and slurs about antisemitism

22 February 2019
The resignation of two more Labour MPs this week are designed to pile further pressure on Jeremy Corbyn.

Arab rulers risk revolt by betraying Palestine

17 February 2019
A summit last week exposed rulers’ disdain for Palestinians—but solidarity could block their plans

Labour left buckles in face of right’s antisemitism smears

12 February 2019
The row inside Liverpool Labour Party shows the right aren’t going to back down from using accusations of antisemitism to silence the left and criticism of Israel, writes Nick Clark

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