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Lebanon’s history of resistance to Zionism

22 July 2006
Israel’s assault on Lebanon has revived bitter memories of its previous onslaughts on that nation. In 1982 Israel invaded Lebanon. Some 14,000 Lebanese and Palestinians were killed in the ensuing conflict.

Humanitarian crisis as Gaza Strip siege continues

22 July 2006
Israel's attacks on the Gaza Strip are continuing, creating a terrible situation for the 1.4 million Palestinians living there.

Another 'catastrophe' in the Middle East

22 July 2006
The campaign of terror that Israel is waging against the Palestinians in Gaza and against the Lebanese is frighteningly similar to the terror that was used to create the Israeli state in 1948. The Palestinians call the creation of Israel the Nakba - the catastrophe.

Left launches campaign to challenge New Labour

22 July 2006
Tony Blair’s envoy to the Middle East is a very busy man. Not with Palestine or Lebanon or even Iraq - but helping the police with their inquiries.

Demonstrate against Israel's attack on Lebanon

22 July 2006
London - Saturday 22 July, 12 noon, Embankment, central London (nearest station Embankment).Go to <a href="" target = "_blank"> </a>Organised by Stop the War Coalition, Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Muslim Association of Britain, British Muslim Initiative, Lebanese organisations. Glasgow - George Square, Glasgow, Saturday 22 July, 12 noon Called by Stop the War Coaltion Manchester - The BBC, Oxford Rd, Manchester, Saturday 22 July, 1pm For info e-mail <a

Chair of Friends of Al-Aqsa backs Time to go demonstration

22 July 2006
Ismail Patel is the chair of Friends of Al-Aqsa, a voluntary organisation working for Palestinian human rights. He spoke to Socialist Worker about why he will be attending the 23 September demonstration in Manchester called by the Stop the War Coalition.

Demonstrations called over Lebanon and Palestine

15 July 2006
London The Stop the War Coalition has called an emergency demonstration in London for next Saturday, 22 July. It is demanding 'Hands off Lebanon' and 'Freedom for Palestine'.

Protests for Palestine across the Middle East

15 July 2006
Tens of thousands of demonstrators poured into the streets of Istanbul, the largest city in Turkey, last Sunday.

‘Gaza is starving in the darkness’

15 July 2006
Israel is intensifying its collective punishment of the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, one of the most overcrowded areas on the planet.

End Israel’s assault on Palestine

08 July 2006
"There are F-16 planes and helicopters hovering over me as I speak. There are large numbers of tanks throughout Rafah and Gaza. Fear comes with the night. The sonic booms of Israeli warplanes are terrifying the population in Gaza."

Media ignores the suffering in Palestine

08 July 2006
The mainstream media has failed to report the real issues behind the Israeli invasion.

‘We are stranded in Gaza with no power’

08 July 2006
As the Israeli siege of Gaza continued on Friday of last week, Palestinian refugee Fatima Helow contacted a friend who lives in Gaza City. He explained the situation to her. He did not want to give his name for fear of Israeli action against him

Palestine under siege: Israel holds a nation hostage

01 July 2006
Every inhabitant of the Gaza Strip knows what it is like to be held hostage by the Israeli state. It is the daily reality for the Palestinian population in one of the most densely inhabited places on the planet.

Israel sets a new trap for the Palestinian people

24 June 2006
At the heart of the tensions is disagreement over a "peace process" which is controlled by Israel and its backers in the US. The trigger for armed conflict could be a referendum set for July on the terms for peace with Israel.

Palestinians are never safe from Israeli attacks

17 June 2006
The British papers greeted the recent heatwave with pictures of crowded beaches. In Gaza, one of the most crowded corners of this planet, the beach provides one of few escapes.

Murder made in US and Britain

19 May 2006
Israel has abandoned any pretence of being interested in peace with the Palestinian people. It is using all its force – its US-supplied tanks, weapons and fighter jets – to crush a people's resistance. Israel has inflicted decades of repression, brutality and humiliation on the Palestinian people.

Palestine twinning campaign

06 May 2006
‘When the twinning conference in Palestine was planned in 2005, there was not yet a date for the Palestinian election. Following a conference in Camden last September, Palestinian delegates wanted to take the twinning movement forward by hosting a conference in the West Bank. The Hamas government had not been elected.

Paradise Now: film as a form of resistance

15 April 2006
Paradise Now, directed by Hany Abu-Assad, follows two Palestinian suicide bombers during their final days. It won the award for best foreign film at this year’s Golden Globes. In his acceptance speech, Hany said that he hoped the prize would bring "a recognition that the Palestinians deserve their liberty and equality unconditionally".

Outrage at Israeli siege of Jericho

18 March 2006
Israeli forces stormed a Palestinian jail in the West Bank town of Jericho on Tuesday, just after British and US forces, who were monitoring it, deserted the complex. At least one Palestinian police officer and one prisoner were killed by the Israelis.

Palestine solidarity in Camden

18 March 2006
A women’s delegation from the Palestinian town of Abu Dis visited Camden, north London, last week as part of the twinning project launched two years ago by the Camden-Abu Dis Friendship Association.

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