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Hip-hop is part of Palestine’s cultural intifada

25 February 2006
It's a hot night in the centre of the Palestinian West Bank town of Ramallah. Tonight the peace is disturbed not by the Islamic call to prayer or Israeli gunfire but by the sound of hip-hop music.

Hamas – ‘We have the people’s support’

04 February 2006
The Islamic movement Hamas last week won 73 of the 132 seats in the Palestinian parliament. The result stunned Western governments. Musheer al-Masri, the Hamas MP for the northern Gaza Strip, spoke to Socialist Worker by telephone

Munich: exploring the oppressors' troubled conscience

28 January 2006
Munich explores the moral disintegration of the Israeli hit squad assembled by Mossad, the Israeli secret service, to track down and execute the Palestinian "terror gang" known as Black September.

Analysing Zionism

21 January 2006
The state of Israel was founded in 1948 when Zionist militias — with the connivance of British authorities — embarked on a brutal ethnic cleansing programme that drove over 750,000 Palestinians from their homes, an event known as the Naqba, or catastrophe.

Ariel Sharon: Butcher of Beirut, not a man of peace

14 January 2006
The media is presenting critically ill Israeli leader Ariel Sharon as a ‘peacemaker’, but Palestinian Fatima Helou looks at his brutal record

George Galloway and Big Brother

14 January 2006
George Galloway has issued his own statement about appearing on Big Brother. In it he says he did it to raise money for a Palestinian charity, which he will, and to reach out to an audience turned off by conventional politics.

Palestine's songs of resistance

17 December 2005
For as long as the Palestinians have endured occupation and oppression—first under the British in the 1920-30s, then by the Israeli state after 1948—they have produced writers and poets who have articulated not only humiliation and despair, but also resistance and the hope of liberation.

Can Peretz bring peace to Palestine?

03 December 2005
Cynicism, from the most unexpected quarters, has greeted Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon’s decision to quit the far right Likud Party and seek re-election as the leader who will make lasting "peace" with the Palestinian people.

Free Palestine

29 October 2005
Hundreds of activists attended a conference on Palestine, Israel and the Law in central London last Saturday. The conference was organised by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

Reviews round-up

08 October 2005
Palestinian poster exhibition

Three amazing days of freedom in Gaza

24 September 2005
The last Israeli troops left during the night. As dawn broke small crowds of Palestinians began to filter in. They were wandering among the ruins with a mixture of curiosity, excitement and relief.

Gaza withdrawal offers space for freedom

27 August 2005
The Palestinian refugees in Lebanon watched every second of the withdrawal of the Israeli settlers from the Gaza Strip over the last few days.

Reports round-up

27 August 2005
Free Palestine Exeter Palestine Solidarity Campaign recently hosted the visit of a dance and drama group from Balata Camp from Nablus on the West Bank. Some 250 people crowded into the hall to see A’edoon, a powerful drama of the experience of expulsion and life in occupied Palestine. They have been touring across Britain.

Tom Hurndall murder verdict

20 August 2005
An Israeli soldier was convicted of manslaugher last week for the killing of British peace activist Tom Hurndall in April 2003 in Rafah in the Gaza Strip. Taysir Hayb shot Tom in the head as he tried to help Palestinian children.

Banksy sees through Israel’s wall

20 August 2005
Guerrilla graffiti artist Banksy has recently branched out from his normal east London haunts and taken a trip to Palestine, where he applied his talents to the apartheid wall being built by Israel.

Who says?

06 August 2005
"The Palestinians are the pikeys of the Middle East. If they must have a homeland give them part of Saudi Arabia, because the Egyptians, the Syrians, the Jordanians and the Lebanese don’t want them either." Richard Littlejohn, writing in the Sun

Forums, events and film showings

09 July 2005
Meetings And Events

AUT boycott debate that has put Palestine back on the map

04 June 2005
Everyone, including the movers of the motions, was taken aback by the vote at April’s conference of the AUT lecturers’ union to boycott certain Israeli universities.


28 May 2005
State of exclusion Seven women from Birmingham recently attempted to take money to a project for needy Palestinian children in the Occupied Territories.

Coming events

21 May 2005
Saturday 21 MayFree Palestine national demonstration, 1pm, central London. Called by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign. Go to <a href="" target = "_blank"></a>

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