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Campaigns to defy college censorship

15 January 2005
HERE’S AN example of a curb on freedom of expression that none of the mainstream media have covered—attempts by the student union at Leeds University to ban the activities of pro-Palestinian activists.

Free Palestine

04 December 2004
THE FRIENDS of Palestine Society at Warwick University organised a debate on Israeli apartheid last week.

Yasser Arafat (1929 - 2004): the gun and the olive branch

20 November 2004
Yasser Arafat, who died on Thursday of last week, dominated the Palestinian struggle ever since his emergence as head of the national liberation movement in the late 1960s.

US and Israel: an axis of evil

06 November 2004
John Pilger once made an excellent documentary called Palestine is Still the Issue. The news that Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat is seriously ill, and has had to be flown for treatment to a Paris hospital, is a reminder that Pilger was right.

The argument for creating a secular state for both Palestinians and Jews is gathering force

17 October 2004
The Palestinian-Israeli conflict is the single most important issue on the world agenda today.

News in brief

13 October 2004
Wall won’t stop us from twinning ALMOST 70 supporters of the Camden Palestine Campaign packed into Daphne Restaurant in central London last Wednesday to attend the launch of the Camden-Abu Dis Friendship Association.

Who says?

02 October 2004
"I ask you to release the man you hold. I know that millions of British people did not and do not support the war on Iraq. A million marched against it last year. More than 6,000 British people have written to me to support me. They quarrel with the British government about injustice, and so do I. I do not quarrel with the British people. Our problem is with the government." MAHMOUD ABU RIDEH Palestinian activist imprisoned without trial under Britain’s anti-terrorism laws appealing last weekend to Ken Bigley’s captors

Hear the voices of Palestinians

02 October 2004
SOME 34 people joined the delegation to Palestine, united around the common theme of action against war and for peace. We came together from mosques, trade unions, universities, schools and the voluntary sector to see the conditions in the Palestinian refugee camps for ourselves.

‘The situation is far worse than the media show’

02 October 2004
‘Palestinian firefighters face extraordinary dangers every single day.

The suffering the press ignores

11 September 2004
The suffering that the press ignores THE RIGHT wing media has scrambled yet again to demonise the Palestinian people as terrorists, but we should stop and evaluate the truth of the situation, whether it has been reported or not.

Israel maps out a new land grab

04 September 2004
ISRAEL IS planning a massive grab of Palestinian territories under the guise of the "Gaza strip disengagement plan", launched by Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon.

Caught between a rock and a very hard place

24 July 2004
YASSER Arafat’s Palestinian Authority was thrown into crisis last weekend.

The bad news that just isn’t reported

17 July 2004
ANYONE WHO has campaigned for the Palestinian people will have come across some bizarre arguments explaining why the Israeli government should pursue its policies of repression against the Palestinians.

In brief: Palestine, Abu Ghraib, Marxism

27 May 2004
War comes to Rafah

US's ally on killing spree

27 May 2004
THE HORROR of ethnic cleansing was shown on TV screens across the world last week. But there were no shrieks of outrage from George Bush and Tony Blair. That's because their ally, Israel's prime minister Ariel Sharon, was carrying out that policy in Palestine.

Even the diplomats don't back the war

01 May 2004
'DOOMED TO failure.\" That was the conclusion of 52 ambassadors and top officials in a letter to Tony Blair slamming his relationship with Bush and his policies on Iraq and Palestine. These officials come from one of the most privileged and loyal layers of the British establishment.

A blueprint to destroy Palestine

24 April 2004
THURSDAY, GEORGE Bush endorses Israel's land grab in the Occupied Territories. Friday, he and Tony Blair line up behind Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon. Saturday, another Palestinian leader is murdered. The fiction of a \"road map to peace\" in the Middle East is dead, murdered by an expansionist Israeli government that wants to humiliate the Palestinians and leave them with a tenth of the land they lived in only two generations ago.

Angry response to murder of Yassin

03 April 2004
SHOCK AND anger swept most parts of the world last week after Israel's murder of Sheikh Yassin. Socialist Worker sellers were part of the response, agitating for Palestinian rights and against Bush and Blair's support for Israel. Simon reports from north west London, "After the assassination of Sheikh Yassin, a couple of us went round the Arab cafes of Bayswater and Edgware Road.

Israel: a state based on violence from its birth

03 April 2004
In 1987 an Israeli historian called Benny Morris published a book, The Birth of the Palestinian Refugee Problem. It caused a sensation at the time. Using official Israeli military archives, it confirmed the Palestinian case that the foundation of the Israeli state in 1948 had depended upon armed terror-resulting in the forcible "transfer", or expulsion, of three quarters of a million Palestinian Arabs. This was something that the Zionists - the ideologues who advocate an exclusively Jewish state in Palestine - had always denied.

Zionism: what it is and where it leads

03 April 2004
The cruel and brutal actions of Israeli governments, armies and sections of the population since the formation of the state of Israel in 1948 have been well documented. The recent brutality against the Palestinian uprising and horrors in the Occupied Territories now show how Israeli policy has been characterised by fierce and unrelenting reaction.

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