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Ethiopians protest against Israeli racism

05 May 2015
Thousands of Jewish Africans protested against racism and police brutality in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem on Thursday and Sunday of last week.

Eyewitness Palestine - 'There is talk of a coming Third Intifada’

14 April 2015
Michael Lavalette visited refugee camps in the West Bank and spoke to young people brutalised by the Israeli Defence Force

Activists debate how best to win liberation in Palestine

31 March 2015
Some 70 people attended a public meeting on Palestine on Wednesday of last week, organised by Camden Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC).

Israeli election result lays bare a rotten, racist society

24 March 2015
The Israeli right’s victory will lead to more brutal attacks—and means we have to step up our solidarity, writes Nick Clark

Hundreds march in support of London LSE student occupation

20 March 2015
Up to 300 people marched through the campus of London School of Economics (LSE) yesterday, Thursday, in support of a student occupation there.

London meeting hears support for Palestine near a tipping point

17 March 2015
Over 200 people came to a Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) event, The Tipping Point, in London last Saturday. 

Reports round-up

03 March 2015
Short news stories on pay strikes by Met office workers, campaigning against blacklisting on Crossrail, Freedom Riders protest, day school on workers' resistance in China and solidarity campaigns with Palestine.

International round-up

24 February 2015
Israeli army opens floodgates | Activists jailed by Egyptian court | Thousands join US oil strike

Israel destroys over 500 homes

03 February 2015
Israeli forces demolished the homes of 1,177 Palestinians in 2014 in addition to their attack on Gaza, according to a United Nations (UN) report.

Palestinians strike and protests after funeral death

27 January 2015
Palestinians in Israel held a three-day general strike last week following the killing of a protester by Israeli police.

Palestine UN vote rejected

06 January 2015
A UN Security Council motion calling for an end to Israel’s illegal occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem was rejected last month.

International round-up

16 December 2014
Hong Kong police clear last camps | Palestinian minister killed | Numsa union to challenge ANC | Nigerian oil workers walk out

Gaza feels deadly fallout of Israel’s bombs as floods hit

09 December 2014
Gaza residents reveal reality of ‘reconstruction’ and floods

Israeli Jewish nation-state bill is racist attack on Palestinians

25 November 2014
The Israeli parliament is set to pass a bill reinforcing the exclusion of Palestinians.

News in brief

18 November 2014
Only 62 percent of jobs full time | Charity probes target Muslims | Council passes boycott motion

Israeli repression lies behind Jerusalem violence

18 November 2014
An attack on a Jerusalem synagogue today, Tuesday, provoked outrage among politicians and in the media.

Riots in East Jerusalem after Israeli provocation

11 November 2014
Riots have spread across occupied East Jerusalem. 

A new borders agreement for Gaza

30 September 2014
Palestinian groups Hamas and Fatah last week came to an agreement that will place border crossings from Gaza to Israel under the Palestinian Authority’s control. 

Israel makes new landgrab in Palestine

02 September 2014
Just days after the declaration of a ceasefire in Gaza, Israel has announced a takeover of land in the West Bank. Its leaders are bullish despite losing popularity, writes Ken Olende

How Israel has set about the destruction of Gaza

26 August 2014
The explosive power of the bombs dropped in Israel’s current assault on Gaza is equivalent to the atomic bomb the US dropped on Hiroshima in 1945.

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