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Black Lives matter

Rage at racism as trial of cop involved in George Floyd killing begins

08 March 2021
US authorities were braced for protests as the jury selection began on Monday in the trial of a cop involved in the death of George Floyd.

Blood money—how wealth created by slavery bankrolled capitalist Britain

06 March 2021
The rich who gained from slavery hope talking up their charitable investments will help them escape people’s anger. But as Isabel Ringrose argues, they grabbed obscene amounts of money through the slave trade and in compensation—and they should be forced to pay for it

The Black Panthers and the revenge of the revolution

21 February 2021
In a packed hall in downtown Chicago in 1969 Black Panther founder Bobby Seale stood alongside local leader Fred Hampton. He was making a speech to a newly established district of the party.

‘Free speech’ campaign is designed to aid the right

16 February 2021
In the middle of a pandemic the Tories have decided to launch further attacks on the left and anti-racists, while also claiming they want to protect free speech.

Vigil marks month since death of Mohamud Hassan after contact with 52 cops

10 February 2021
'I didn’t know there were even 52 officers at the station, how on Earth does that happen?' asks a Cardiff activist

Investigation aims to label the left and protest movements ‘extremist’

08 February 2021
The government has chosen a former Labour MP turned Lord to lead an investigation into “extremism on the far left”.

Tory vaccine rollout fails black and Asian people despite higher risk of death

27 January 2021
Black and Asian people have died from coronavirus in disproportionate numbers because of disastrous Tory policies and systematic racism. And now it’s emerged that NHS England hadn’t even been counting how many had have been vaccinated. 

Cop to face probe over the death of Kevin Clarke

25 January 2021
A new disciplinary hearing is set to go ahead over the death in London, while campaigners in Cardiff keep fighting for Mohamud Hassan

The social media bosses are not on our side

17 January 2021
With Donald Trump banned from social media Sarah Bates asks what are the implications of such measures for the left

Cardiff BLM activists defiant after fine for protests over Mohamud Hassan’s death

16 January 2021
Police have moved to fine a Black Lives Matter (BLM) activist in Cardiff, South Wales, after she was part of protests over the death of Mohamud Mohammed Hassan.

Protest calls for sacking of cop after attack on black teenager

19 December 2020
Anti-racists rallied on the road outside Tottenham police station on Saturday after fresh footage emerged of a violent assault on a black teenager.

2020—it’s been a year of horror and hope

15 December 2020
This year has seen the horrors that flow from the capitalism system, but it’s also seen mass resistance. Coronavirus dominated the year, exposing and accelerating all the failings that already existed. 

Anger as Bristol activists who tore down slaver Colston’s statue are charged

09 December 2020
Four protesters have been charged with criminal damage for their part in toppling a statue of slave trader Edward Colston in Bristol in June. 

Don’t let the Tories define anti-racism

08 December 2020
In the wake of George Floyd’s killing, Black Lives Matter (BLM) made great advances in the struggle against racism, and what it means to be an anti-racist.

Defend those who back Black Lives Matter

07 December 2020
Tory minister George Eustice has given “shelter to racists” after he failed to condemn Millwall football fans who booed players “taking the knee” for Black Lives Matter.

The Troublemaker—Top Met cop defends targeting ‘black lads’ for stop and search  

30 November 2020
London top cop Cressida Dick has claimed that stop and search tactics are saving the lives of young black men in London. This is because they are more likely to carry knives apparently. 

Joe Biden refused to tap into the power that can win change

04 November 2020
Inspiring mass ­movements of struggle and resistance have sprung up repeatedly under Donald Trump’s reign.

Philadelphia revolts against racism after police killing of black man

29 October 2020
The city of Philadelphia has seen two days of militant mass protests after the police shot and killed Walter Wallace, a 27 year old black man on Monday.

High Storrs school says Black Lives Matter

27 October 2020
Outraged students of High Storrs school in Sheffield organised a protest last week against racism from a student in Year 11. 

Stand Up To Racism conference sends out message of resistance

17 October 2020
Anti-racists in Britain celebrated blows to fascist parties in Greece, Slovakia and Austria at an international conference that began on Saturday. 

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