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Russian Revolution centenary

Workers needed to seize power in 1917 or risk defeat

Workers needed to seize power in 1917 or risk defeat Some critics argue that the Russian Revolution was ‘premature’—but there was no time to lose

Brest-Litovsk peace talks showed the generals' thirst for war

Brest-Litovsk peace talks showed the generals thirst for war Ending the First World War was a major priority for the new soviet government after the October Revolution in Russia—but not everyone wanted peace

Celebrating the 1917 Russian Revolution - and debating the lessons for today

Celebrating the 1917 Russian Revolution - and debating the lessons for today Hundreds of people marked the centenary of the Russian Revolution at the Celebrating 1917 conference in central London last Saturday.

Revolution is how we can change the world

Revolution is how we can change the world Revolution is difficult and involves intense confrontation with the ruling class.

1917 - when workers shook the world

1917 - when workers shook the world The Russian Revolution of October 1917 is the most important event in human history. For centuries ordinary people had dreamed of a world without the rule of emperors, kings, generals and the rich. Some gave their lives fighting for such change.

How workers won in 1917

How workers won in 1917 The Provisional Government assembled in the Winter Palace at 9pm on 25 October to “work out methods for the resolute and final liquidation of the Bolsheviks”.

The revolution was defeated - but it didn't have to be

31 October 2017
Within a decade of the revolution a regime was taking shape in Russia that pushed back everything revolutionaries had fought for.

Bolsheviks —a crucial element

31 October 2017
The October insurrection in Russia would not have succeeded had it not been for the Bolshevik party. The Bolsheviks are still the best model for how revolutionaries should organise.

The only way is insurrection

31 October 2017
Lenin called the state “an organ for the oppression of one class by another”. The insurrection in October 1917 in Russia showed that one class can beat another.

Capitalist state power versus soviet power

24 October 2017
As the Russian Revolution developed a situation of dual power existed—but it was unsustainable

This is one book that will shake your world

17 October 2017
Journalist John Reed’s famous eyewitness account of the Russian Revolution brings alive the drama and excitement of a working class in revolt

Three Bolshevik heroes you may never have heard of

10 October 2017
Many people will be familiar with prominent figures of the Russian Revolution such as Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotsky and Alexandra Kollontai.

The Russian Revolution was democratic. Holding it back was not

02 October 2017
The October uprising had broad support from workers—unlike the parliamentary efforts to hold it back

Was there a parliamentary alternative to revolution?

26 September 2017
Workers in revolt lost faith in the capitalist parliament—and looked towards a better system

Trotsky—the leader who armed the workers’ movement

19 September 2017
Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky was at the forefront of the 1917 Revolution

Workers in revolt needed newspapers of their own

12 September 2017
Workers’ councils and political parties set up newspapers to counter the lies of the rich—and to organise the struggle against them in the Russian Revolution of 1917

How the shockwaves of the Russian Revolution spread across the world

05 September 2017
News of revolution in Russia inspired workers to take action against their own rulers—and showed them they could win

Up in arms—how workers in Russia united in action to beat a coup

29 August 2017
At the beginning of September 1917 the commander of the Russian Army, general Lavr Kornilov, tried to crush the revolution.

The Russian Revolution saw workers transform society—and themselves

22 August 2017
Ideas can change fast in a revolution, as ordinary people start to take control of their own lives and the world around them

Our terrified rulers spread lies to undermine revolution

11 August 2017
Fearing that they would also be toppled, ruling classes across the world organised to crush the Russian Revolution of 1917

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