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Russian Revolution centenary

Up in arms—how workers in Russia united in action to beat a coup

29 August 2017
At the beginning of September 1917 the commander of the Russian Army, general Lavr Kornilov, tried to crush the revolution.

The Russian Revolution saw workers transform society—and themselves

22 August 2017
Ideas can change fast in a revolution, as ordinary people start to take control of their own lives and the world around them

Our terrified rulers spread lies to undermine revolution

11 August 2017
Fearing that they would also be toppled, ruling classes across the world organised to crush the Russian Revolution of 1917

Does the fight for workers’ power mean dictatorship?

08 August 2017
The ruling class won’t allow a socialist society to develop, so workers need their own instruments of class rule

Russian Revolution gave a glimpse of how we can uproot women’s oppression

08 August 2017
Russia’s revolution showed there can be no women’s liberation without socialism, and no socialism without women’s liberation

The scramble to save the treasure of the Tsars

28 July 2017
After revolution overthrew Russia’s ruling Tsars, a lucrative industry grew around relics of the old regime

‘Bread, peace and land’ connected peasants with workers in the Russian Revolution

17 July 2017
The question of how the revolutionary party relates to all groups in society remains relevant for the struggle today

The July Days - Russian Revolution in crisis and a critical test for the Bolshevik party

11 July 2017
In July 1917 frustration at the Provisional Government led to soldiers’ and workers’ protests that were violently put down

Workers’ revolution ushered in an era of sexual liberation

04 July 2017
For the rights of LGBT+ people and women, revolutionary Russia was decades ahead of its time—and shows what is possible when workers unite

Support for national rights strengthened the 1917 Russian Revolution

27 June 2017
The Bolsheviks backed national rights for oppressed groups as a way of overcoming ‘Greater Russian chauvinism’

How revolution spread across Russia’s empire

20 June 2017
Beginning in the capital Petrograd, the revolution quickly convulsed the vast Russian empire in struggles

How do you deal with debate during a revolution?

20 June 2017
It’s a myth that the Bolsheviks were repressive dictators. Open debate was central to their revolutionary method

Alexander Kerensky was loyal to the war but a traitor to the revolution

06 June 2017
Alexander Kerensky started out on the side of the revolution but betrayed workers’ and soldiers’ demands for an end to the war

The sailors of Kronstadt saw the best and the worst of the Russian revolution

30 May 2017
Working class sailors in the Baltic Fleet were the revolution’s powerhouse—and later the victims of its isolation and decline

Why did ‘soviets’ matter?

23 May 2017
Most of the media and mainstream politicians don’t think much of ordinary people.

Will only downtrodden workers fight back?

16 May 2017
War and hunger sparked the Russian Revolution in 1917, but will only such desperate conditions lead to a revolution?

Hope, Tragedy, Myths—British Library throws the book at the Russian Revolution

02 May 2017
The British Library’s new Russian Revolution exhibition has some fantastic artefacts but a poor conclusion, writes Sarah Bates

Russia 1917—new book is a weapon against the right

02 May 2017
As the centenary of the Russian Revolution progresses, shelves in bookshops are beginning to groan under the weight of books about 1917.

May Day in Russia, 1917 - a beacon to workers across the world

25 April 2017
May Day 1917 saw massive celebrations in Russia—but tension was brewing against the provisional government

Stalin was the embodiment of a counter-revolution

18 April 2017
Joseph Stalin wrote to his Bolshevik party comrade Lev Kamenev in 1912, “I kiss you on the nose, Eskimo-fashion. Dammit! I miss you something awful. I miss you like hell, I swear. I have no one, not a soul to have a proper talk with, damn you.”

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