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Russian Revolution centenary

Only taking the revolution beyond Russia could save it from ruling classes' attack

11 April 2017
The internationalism of the Bolsheviks challenged the ideology of the war and posed a threat to the world’s capitalists

Organising at work helped to protect the Russian Revolution

04 April 2017
Workers flocked to join unions during the Russian Revolution—but as they grew bigger, so did their contradictions

How Lenin won the Bolshevik party to fight for workers’ power

04 April 2017
A sharp argument within the Bolshevik party stopped it from supporting imperialist war—and helped push the revolution forward

Lenin sought to unite workers in struggle

21 March 2017
Our rulers caricature the Bolsheviks who led the Russian Revolution because they are afraid of a repeat

Simmering Petrograd was ready to boil over

14 March 2017
Rapid capitalist development in Russian cities gave birth to a working class that dug the Tsar and capitalism’s grave

February 1917 - when workers remade history

07 March 2017
A century ago this week in Russia, the February Revolution ended an ancient dictatorship and began the quest for a new society

How troops refused orders and joined the Russian Revolution

28 February 2017
A mutiny by soldiers was key to forcing out the Tsar in Russia—and a mass revolt of ordinary people made their rebellion possible

Despite the curator, Russian artists shine in new exhibit

14 February 2017
The Royal Academy’s revolutionary Russian art exhibition is impressive, but the working class is rarely seen as fully active within history

Sexual liberation in the Russian Revolution

14 February 2017
The 1917 Russian Revolution saw many gains for LGBT+ rights. These were inseparable from the fight for socialism

Was the Russian Revolution completely spontaneous?

14 February 2017
Workers and soldiers spontaneously rose up against the Tsar many times—but it took organisation to carry this through to victory

Why it’s better to be Bolshie

07 February 2017
Revolts repeatedly break out, but they don’t always win. The Bolshevik party in Russia showed how socialist organisation plays a critical role in driving revolutions forward to victory

Who were the Mensheviks?

07 February 2017
The Mensheviks were revolutionaries, but ended up siding with forces opposed to the Russian Revolution. How did this happen?

1905—a ‘dress rehearsal’ for the Russian Revolution

31 January 2017
Twelve years before the 1917 Russian Revolution, another uprising shook the Tsarist regime to its core

The Lower Depths shows a society that’s ready to burst

24 January 2017
Arcola Theatre’s production of Maxim Gorky’s play captures the contradictions of pre-revolutionary Russia and the potential for change, writes Julie Sherry

Savagery and splendour under the Tsars

24 January 2017
After the Tsar’s fall in 1917, a whole industry sprung up to paint his dynasty as martyrs. In reality, they were brutal dictators

Mutiny and rebellion in the shadow of a world war

18 January 2017
The brutality of the First World War and shortages at home meant Russian soldiers were ready to rise up in 1917

Was Russia too backward for a socialist revolution?

10 January 2017
The Russian working class was a minority in a backward society, but it wielded power disproportionate to its small size

A hundred years on from the 1917 Russian Revolution - when workers stormed heaven

03 January 2017
A hundred years ago the 1917 Russian Revolution ushered in a radical new society. We start our anniversary coverage with a look at a year that changed the world

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